WNAMM11: Hip-Hop For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

IK Multimedia release GrooveMaker Cool & Dre Apps      18/01/11

WNAMM11: Hip-Hop For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

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IK Multimedia has announced that GrooveMaker Cool & Dre for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are now available from the iTunes App Store. They describe it as artist-inspired music creation and loop remixing apps featuring the sounds of today's hottest R&B/hip-hop genre. Here's the rest of their press release with all the details...
Straight from the studio of this multiple Grammy® winning production duo, Marcello 'Cool' Valenzano and Andre 'Dre' Christopher Lyon have teamed up with IK Multimedia to release "GrooveMaker Cool & Dre", the apps for every level of aspiring music producer to make the style of hip-hop beats currently heard on today's hottest urban and adult contemporary radio. Musicians who love the music from major hit record labels in the styles of Cash Money, Interscope and Def Jam, or the beats behind today's superstars like Lil' Wayne, Trey Songs, Mary J. Blige, and Nicki Minaj, will love remixing loops and making music with GrooveMaker Cool and Dre.
GrooveMaker Cool & Dre's special sounds will make it easy for musicians to cut hard-hitting records for the clubs, offering a grand selection of "Dirty South" hip-hop grooves and "West Coast" melodic vocals in an easy-to-use, 8-track loop and remixing app for the iPhone/iPod touch, and iPad. With GrooveMaker Cool & Dre, musicians are given an extensive arsenal of basses, drums and more to choose from - a palette of room rumblers, 808-style subs, and a variety of 76-90 BPM style loops to pound heartbeats in the clubs. True to today's style of gritty textured hip-hop, GrooveMaker Cool & Dre includes dark synth leads, urban/ethnic percussion, and moving vocal hooks with lyrical melodies to vibe out to. Dozens of loops are included in GrooveMaker Cool & Dre to get musicians of every level grooving right away, with special export features to share and email their mixes to a friend.
"To wake up every morning and do what you love, make music with your friends, make an impact on the world and make a living out of it is an absolute blessing." ~ Cool & Dre.
GrooveMaker allows for instantaneous control over 8 stereo loop tracks, making it possible to remix the included massive loop library of vocal hooks, lead lines, bass, drums, bass drums, pads, percussion and effects. Its unique and patented randomization feature allows musicians to generate a vast number of remixes on the fly, with one touch, to produce millions of possible groove combinations.
Loops made in GrooveMaker may be manipulated in real-time (pan, volume, mute, solo, group and tempo) and grooves can be arranged easily by dragging and dropping to create full-length tracks. These tracks can then be saved, previewed and recalled on the iPhone/iPod touch devices or exported as hi-quality .WAV files to any computer using a Wi-Fi network.
  • Instantaneous control over 8 stereo loop tracks
  • Play, Mix and Randomize loops on the fly
  • Combine studio-quality loops to produce millions of possible grooves
  • Manipulate loops in real time (pan, volume, mute, solo, group, tempo)
  • Arrange grooves easily with drag and drop to create full-length tracks
  • Save, preview and recall you mixed tracks
  • Upload your tracks as hi-quality .WAV file to your Mac/PC (*Wi-Fi network required)
  • Interactive Help allows quick learning simply by following the indicated steps
Included sound features:
  • Massive loops library of drums, bass, bass-drums, lines, pads, percussion, effects
  • West Coast and Dirty South hip-hop style
  • 4 included songs + 1 FREE song when you register
  • 315 loops
  • 89-68.5-67-69-90 BPM
  • 355 MB of samples
Pricing and Availability:
GrooveMaker Cool & Dre apps for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch are now available from the Apple iTunes App Store for €7.99 each. More information:

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