Free Virtual Classic Analogue Mono Synth

Samsara Cycle Audio releases DEISK-O      01/02/11

Free Virtual Classic Analogue Mono Synth

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Samsara Cycle Audio has released DEISK-O which they describe as a Virtual Classic Analogue Mono Synth. Here's a list of features that they have published...
  • Mono
  • Single 2 Wave Oscillator Plus External Signal In:
    • Ramp
    • Pulse
    • Ext In
  • Pitch bend sensitivity
  • Tune control 1 note + / - tolerance
  • Range - Sub / 64' / 32' / 16' / 8' / 4'
  • EG Modulation Level Slider
  • Modulation Delay Level Slider - LFO / EG
  • PW/PWM Level Slider - Selectable EG / LFO / Manual
  • LFO Section
    • Frequency Level Slider
    • Waveform Select - S/H / Triangle / Pulse
    • Waveform Mix Control (Between Selected Wave and Sine Wave)
  • White Noise
  • Mixer section
    • Oscillator level slider
    • Noise level slider
  • Voltage Controlled Filter Section
    • Cutoff level slider
    • Resonance level slider
    • KBE - Keyboard enhance slider
    • LFO level slider (pitch)
    • EG slider (filter)
  • VCA
    • Switch - Hold / EG
  • HPF
    • Level Slider
  • EG - Envelope Generator Section
    • Attack Level Slider
    • Decay Level Slider
    • Sustain Level Slider
    • Release Level Slider
  • Volume Level Slider
  • External Input Level Control
  • Pitch Bend Wheel
  • Power On /Off Switch
Pricing and Availability:
This Synth is Free and fully functioning. It displays a 'Nag Tag' that can be removed by making a secure donation via PayPal More information:


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