Un-boxing: Korg Kaoss Pad Quad

Yes, its right here in the office      03/02/11

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4:42 mins

Korg's Kaoss Pad Quad was one of the more interesting products on show at NAMM, and here it is already!

What makes this one different to the previous models, is the inclusion of four separate effects  which can be quickly switched in an out as well as switching algorithms. Makes for some real-time fun. 

Today, I just opened the box and played around, the full review will be coming shortly.

Leave any questions you have below and I'll try and answer them as best I can, either in the review or here.




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CR78    Said...

Damn Nick, I did'nt know you had such beautiful Gesturism skills... ;)

That Modeselektor song was a great choice.

Well done(cue applause).

03-Feb-11 10:18 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah its a great tune, to be honest its hard to screw it up with KPQ, plus there were a couple of edits.. :-)

03-Feb-11 10:20 AM

Monchai    Said...

What's the song title? sweet tune

03-Feb-11 11:42 AM

Nick B    Said...

The White Flash by Modeselektor

03-Feb-11 12:01 PM

www.stoltz.co.uk    Said...

can you save different combinations/freezes of effects?

is it restictive having axis shared by different perameters (i.e. cutoff & delay time on the same axis, you want to lower the filer but not the delay time etc)

what are the effects available for selection in each block?

is the units input-output rated at -10dB again? (this in my view is the worst thing about the koass 3, its consumer level input is VERY easy to overload & generally VERY quiet)

can it auto-detect tempo?

ummmmmm, can I have it when your done reviewing it?

sy (stoltz)

03-Feb-11 12:07 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks Stoltz, I can answer a few of those right now:

No you cannot save anything, its real-time baby - the freeze setup will stay as long as you dont change the effect again

As far as I can tell its -10db - I think this is for DJs

Yes it can detect tempo

03-Feb-11 12:10 PM

peterkeys88    Said...

The korg man at NAMM said the auto-bpm works great but i have doubts. I noticed they ditched the midi-in for clock sync completely. The KP3 was hard to sync at times. Does this stay locked well with inputs that aren't so rhythmically clear? I don't see a decimal on the bpm display either.

03-Feb-11 01:30 PM

Geo303    Said...

You lucky buggers!

03-Feb-11 02:40 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

Great vid as always Nick. Will we see lab vids of the Ultranova and Venom in future?

03-Feb-11 02:44 PM

victor_bln    Said...

+1 at Ultranova and Venom. Great review as always Nick.

03-Feb-11 03:06 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Looking forward to your full review and your thoughts on the how well it deals with multiple simultaneous effects shared on same axises.

The 'effects depth' knob looks useful particularly for those looper effects. Shame it's probably the usual Korg-quality knob, ie better not use it from fear of snapping it off.

03-Feb-11 09:43 PM

sf_user    Said...


I was glad to see that you received the Kaoss Pad Quad as quickly as you have. Thanks for posting the video. I heard you mention this on the SonicState podcast and it sounded interesting. I agree with the others....the tune you used to demo KPQ was a great choice.

03-Feb-11 10:24 PM

Guvnah    Said...

Echoing others, it is a shame Korg ditched trying to fix/implement the MIDI capabilities the KP3 only gestured at.

04-Feb-11 01:55 AM

Aiki    Said...

Got to say that does look like a lot of fun. Id like to see what the looper FX are capable of.

Can they be used to really glitch up the outputs my maschine?

04-Feb-11 06:27 AM

Unknown    Said...

Can't they just build a huge one & put all three in.

04-Feb-11 11:13 AM

sab    Said...

Curious about how well it really auto-detects bpm.

04-Feb-11 04:35 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

+1 on Venom and UltraNova!

04-Feb-11 07:34 PM

Muzik 4 Machines    Said...

wow you are lucky, its not even shipping in canada

hows the sync without MIDI (i ask cause the sync on any kaoss with MIDI sucks, so i guess it's quasi impossible to even have 8 bars of sync with this, but nevermind, i still want it

06-Feb-11 05:05 PM

James Asher    Said...

Good video. Gets to the juice of what`s doable in an effective way.

08-Feb-11 12:17 AM

Alankara Productions    Said...

How is the sound quality and is it useful for in the studio? Looks awesome....thx

08-Feb-11 03:11 AM


nice one nick great demo. I'd love to see a complete tour of the effects. can you chain effects? are the zones customisable?

10-Feb-11 07:55 AM

ckprodAU    Said...

said the above:)

10-Feb-11 07:56 AM

gridsleep    Said...

Why was the KP2 a work of slipstream art, a 300SLS of a sound device, and everything since looks like a piece of military hardware that is waiting to be installed in an Apache gunship? Too militant for my taste.

18-Feb-11 09:59 PM

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