Sneak Preview Of Pythagoras

A New Microtonal Synth For The iPad      21/02/11

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Developer Rob Fielding posted this sneak preview of Pythagoras - an interesting new microtonal synthesizer for the iPad. 

Fielding is the developer of Mugician. He's interested in creating instruments that go beyond virtual versions of existing instruments, and, instead, explore the latent potential of the new platform. 

With Pythagoras, Fielding is exploring the idea of dynamic fretting - where frets are based on the harmonics of the current note, rather than on a fixed set of discrete notes.

Fielding argues that iPad developers are setting the bar too low, and suggests these "requirements" for iPad-based instruments:

  • Pressure sensitivity
  • Accidentals - or chromatic access
  • Support for bends & expression
  • Support for arbitrary scales
  • Low latency and jitter
  • Fast arpeggio
  • Wide octave range
  • Designed for real fingers
He also suggests that developers should avoid processor intensive graphics, dumbing down instruments so that you can't make a mistake and anything else that "takes the musicianship out of musicianship."

At this point, Pythagoras is an "incomplete but viable instrument", according to Fielding. 

Release date and pricing are TBA. 


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