Sonic LAB: Extra- Novation Ultranova Audition

Just a bunch of sounds this time      22/02/11

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8:27 mins

As an addendum to the recent Novation Ultranova review HERE, we thought it might enhance the procedings if we added another video of just a selection of presets. This may become a regular thing as often, the time spent in review cannot be purely to listen, but an overview of the features in context. I hope this will give you additional material to make your own judgement.






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Blue Monster 65    Said...

There are some nice sounds in there! I hadn't been too impressed by what I had heard from most of the demos online as of yet, but I can see potential now.

Thanks, Nick!

22-Feb-11 09:22 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great demo - and I really love the camerawork you've set up for this demo. Also: VERY cool ending! :-)

22-Feb-11 02:03 PM

Tesla    Said...

This synth seems like it is trying to compete against softsynths... As a rule I tend to prefer hardware but this synth sounds like a rehash of NI Komplete. If novation wants to do something really special they should re-release the (analog!) super bassstation.

22-Feb-11 05:49 PM

sf_user    Said...

I like the sounds overall...thanks for running through the sounds Nick.

22-Feb-11 10:13 PM

DC    Said...

@Tesla when you sat NI Komplete do you mean Massive? If so I agree but massive is better.

To be honest the $69 uHe ACE vst sounds better than this thing. But then ACE is awesome :)

23-Feb-11 08:02 AM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

This is a great idea as I always miss some more sounds of the synths!

To be honest, I'm not that impressed with the sounds either. I love the possibilities like interfaceing, daw-control etc. but if it doesn't sound good... who cares.

Question: How long do you guys think will it take, until we can have all those good software-synths on a device like the iPad.

This would be a good combination of hands on control and the good sound that is possibly through NI, Geforce, U-He etc.

23-Feb-11 08:58 AM

rezazel    Said...

@SteveFromBerlin the iPad hasn't got enough processing power yet to run NI, geforce or U-He Synths in acceptable quality :-) I guess 3-4 years....

23-Feb-11 11:29 AM

victor_bln    Said...

I like the sound, don't like the low end (that's why I use analog for bass), but for arps, leads and pads it's good. I like the price for what it does. I would suggest Novation for the next synth to use high end convertors, higher sample rate and improved algorithms for oscillators and envelopes. I know that it has the Nova engine but this is how Novation sounds in any synth from Nova until now with just less modulations, we're in 2011... Keep the engine, just make the oscillators sound better specially in low end, remove aliasing as much as possible(probably a higher sample rate would be enough)and it would be a killer synth.

my 2 cents

24-Feb-11 09:50 AM

victor_bln    Said...

oh, and I would probably buy the Ultranova, it has a good price

24-Feb-11 09:53 AM

asiohead    Said...

Nothing new imho

fine demo though Nick, gives us an idea of the pallet of sounds it can produce. Only none of them really tickled my spine to be honest.

I have used and own(ed) a fair amount of VA's and I heard nothing those couldn't do. These days I use software mostly, cause in my opinion that's where the real innovation happens. Combined with a good hardware controller (and some analog gear to complete the sound arsenal ;-) ) I see no reason to get yet another VA.

Ok it has a bucket load of features for a very reasonable price compared to say a Virus or a Nord or whathaveyou, so it could be a great starter synth, absolutely. But do you really want to program all those features on that tiny, two line lcd ? (we have affordable and spacious screens now you know ... in 2011 :-) )

If you're into that kinda fiddling, get a second hand Z1, also cheap, build like a tank and still sounds way better based on what I've heard just now. Also has a lot more and interesting sound generating algorithms. (and remember it was released ages ago, so where's the 'ultra' in this Novation really ? )

And sure there is an editor, but then you're mousing behind the computer anyway so why not get something like Absynth, Zebra, Dcam, Massive ... just to name a few.

mm, not really my thing this.


25-Feb-11 10:52 AM

victor_bln    Said...

listening to Ultranova demos after Venom demos here and on youtube it's making me so upset. It's a shame that Ultranova looks so good and it has such a nice interface and features and Novation didn't care about the quality of the sound... Now I want an Ultranova with Venom synth engine, and that will not happen of course.Why? Damn marketing...

04-Mar-11 10:48 AM

lorenzo    Said...

can any one explain me step by step how to use ultranova in cubase i have down loaded the soft i can see the plugin in vst instruments I can load it on midi track but i can't hear any sound my email is

26-Feb-14 06:20 PM

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