YUMI:synth Brings String Synthesis To iOS

A Realistic Bowed String Simulator      23/02/11

YUMI:synth Brings String Synthesis To iOS

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Developer Chris Wolfe has introduced YUMI:synth, described as "the worlds first realistic sounding bowed string simulator for iOS".


  • All sound generation is synthesized, no samples are used.
  • You can play two strings at once (at different locations on the scale) and bow manually or automatically.
  • A scale system allows you to quickly define all the playable notes.
  • Two stereo effect units: ping-pong delay and reverb.
  • Save/load presets, and backup your presets via iTunes.
  • Interactive help system.

Pricing and Availability

YUMI:synth is available in the app store now for $4.99. 


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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