New Arc Controller Available To Order Starting Friday

Companion To Monome      02/03/11

New Arc Controller Available To Order Starting Friday

Buying Choices has announced that the Arc - a new minimal knob control device - will be available to order, starting Friday, March 4th. 

The Arc features high resolution optical rotary encoders, with push buttons and high-density variable-brightness LED rings. Two and four knob versions are designed to fit perfectly alongside other monome devices.

The developers have this to say about the Arc:

we expect a lot of skepticism regarding our pricing, and we understand, given we live in an age where global economics can facilitate amazingly low prices. please understand that we’re making small runs of highly specialized objects for a relatively small market— we value design, we value materials, and we’re concerned with where things come from and where they’ll end up. we’re not interested in compromising these values to simply reduce costs.

Pricing and Availability

The Arc will be available in a two knob version for US $500 and a four-knob version for $800. Ordering starts March 4th. 


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