New Instrument Concept For Kontakt 4

Cinematique Instruments Gecko is based on the simultaneous use of up to 6 sounds      02/03/11

New Instrument Concept For Kontakt 4

Gecko is a novel instrument concept for NI Kontakt 4, which gives you the ability to quickly compose countless variations of certain instrument categories such as "Strings", "Mallets", "Environs or "Percussion" etc. Here's what Cinematique Instruments has to say... The principle of Gecko is based on the simultaneous use of up to 6 sounds - each of them can be loaded into sound slots with an excess of 20 well prepared sound sources which come from the entire Cinematique Instruments library enriched by several new sound creations.
There are several different Gecko instruments in progress now, the first being Odd Mallets:
This is the mallet master. Rarely it has been so easy to create your own mallet sound - just like a cooking recipe: 2 pound of Marimba, a pinch of Draft Rhodes, a dash of Glockenspiel and a spoon full of Gas Bottle.
Mmmmh - sounds delicious! Odd Mallets delivers a wide range of sound sources such as bells and glockenspiel, marimba, iron and weird metal, short guitar, keyboard sounds and some strange noises. And can imagine the results the randomize function will deliver!

Gecko is very easy to work with. Just load one of the sound sources via the sound menu into the sound slots - you can play 6 sounds sources at the same time - and set the volume and the pan separately. Besides, you can adjust the global sound of the whole instrument by using different sorts of filters, reverb and speaker simulation. That means countless options!
For people who just like to play around, there are interesting and impressive scene variations. For those seeking inspiration from uncountable variations or who are just curious about the enormous possibilities Gecko provides, there is a "Randomize!" function which sets all parameters at random. Awesome!
  • SSM Core. (Simultaneous sound matrix: 6 slots x each 20 sounds = over several thousand options mathematically speaking)
  • No loading time
  • Easy and intuitive use
  • Timbre switches (EQs, speaker simulation)
  • Master edit knobs (Attack/ Release, Highpass/ Lowpass and Reverb)
  • Separate pan and volume control
  • Volume automation via midi-controller and sequencer recording
  • Outstanding ‚ÄěRandomize !" function - Leave to chance!
  • Seven instrument categories
  • Scenes (pre installed sound programs)
Pricing and Availability:
Gecko Odd Mallets will be release at the beginning of March.
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