iPad iMS20 Custom Built MC-20 Controller Video

Another thing of rare beauty from Synth-Project      04/03/11

We saw some pictures of this a little while back. Its the lovechild of of DIY synth boffin Mario over at Synth-Project.de - he builds incredible, custom, one-off controller and modified synthesizers - he's the guy built the impOSCar 2 controller to pair with the Gforce software instrument.. This latest project, the MC-20 takes an iPad loaded with Korg's excellent iMS-20 app and controls it with custom built MS-20 like hardware. 

In this demo we see the hardware seemlessly control the software, which is sort of the point. You know its a real dilemma - with software emulations and new synthesizers becoming so much more compelling as techniques improve, the control of them is being left behind. We know there are numerous controller devices , but none quite seem to match up to give the real visceral control that something dedicated can do, but then its costly. Hopefully some day this is a problem that can be solved. In the mean-time, its off to the shed to build your own...





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Koshdukai    Said...

Korg should me building and selling this as THE iMS-20 controller (and maybe give a % to Mario for the idea and for what's really the fully working prototype).

05-Mar-11 01:45 PM

Koshdukai    Said...

*should BE building (sorry, typo)

It would also be an interesting generic MIDI interface for all the other iPad Synth apps, I guess

05-Mar-11 01:53 PM

Peter K    Said...


06-Mar-11 04:07 AM

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