Red Bull BPM Pro Player

DJ App For iOS Updated WIth Some Interesting Features      09/03/11

Red Bull BPM Pro Player

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Red Bull has updated BPM Pro, its iOS DJ app, to version 2. 

The new version offers improved latency, cue points, improved effects, wireless syncing of BPM on multilpe devices and more. It also offers 6 output modes, to allow for various performance configurations. 

New in BPM Pro v2:

  • New deck/side coloring, new workflow, new navigation.
  • Tracks from your iPod library (no “importing” needed) with playlist support. Mass analyzing of iPod library tracks. Alternative USB or WiFi upload.
  • Serato and Traktor metadata support (BPM and cue points).
  • Feels much faster: lower latency, reduced CPU usage.
  • Double-deck output mode for hardware mixer.
  • 4 gapless cue points, play like a sampler.
  • Reverse play (tap before or after the pitch fader head).
  • Auto beatgrid and waveform display.
  • Automatic Vinyl Vision creation in background.
  • Better sounding flanger and echo.
  • Swap play/cue button position.
  • Sharp echo/reverb release on/off.
  • Network BPM sync: if there is only one deck loaded, the app broadcasts and receives the current BPM value over the local WiFi network or Bluetooth, so you can sync between two devices. Very useful in Classic Club mode, or when you switch DJs in the booth.
Note: Red Bull BPM is a branded version of DJ Player. 

Pricing and Availability

BPM Pro Player is available for the iPhone for US $9.99. An HD version is available for the iPad for $23.99. Demo versions of both apps are available also. 


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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