Amped Review: T-Rex Twister2 Chorus/Flanger

Classy modu-stomp      14/03/11

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If you're a fan of the first Twister pedal from T-Rex, you probably want to know what's new in the Twister 2. It's had a few alterations  based on the feed-back loop and has been completely updated with new hardware and software. The light/heavy switch has been removed and the pedal now covers a wider tonal range. The software update is the key to this – by adjusting Depth, Tone and Rate you can make Twister II deliver both old-fashioned vintage sound as well as a more modern chorus sound.

Overall, the Twister II is a subtle chorus/flanger pedal, but it does have some features that make sure you can build your own sound. There is the choice of a mono output for running through an amp on stage, and stereo outputs for the studio or live stereo setups. The tone control lets you take some of the top off for a more subtle, old school effect. And rest assured: like every pedal T-Rex makes, Twister II sounds phenomenal any way you use it.
In terms of sound you'll get from the pedal, it's almost at boutique level, especially on the more subtle chorus sounds. I just wish there more range on the flanger. It's hard to get those long, open sweeps – the ones that sound like jet planes landing. In practical use though, this would be a really good pedal for the stage.

Input Impedance@1KHz Higher than 1M ohm
Output Impedance@1KHZ Lower than 1K ohm
Power supply 9V DC
Minimum Power supply Voltage 8,5V DC
Maximum Power supply Voltage 12,5V DC
Current Draw @ 9V DC 85 mA
Battery Type & Battery Life 9V battery 6F22 - 30 to 60 min.
Maximum Input signal Vp/p Adjustable
External connectors Input Jack, Output Jack,  9V DC Jack
Controls On/Off, Input Gain, Level, Depth, Regen,
Speed, Tone and Chorus/Flanger

Available now
Priced at  299,- US$, 249,- EUR, 149,- £GB    



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