NLogSynth PRO Updated

Adds SoundCloud Support, AudioCopy & Paste, Better MIDI Support      17/03/11

NLogSynth PRO Updated

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NLogSynth PRO - a virtual analog synthesizer for the iPad, has received an update with some important features for iOS musicians. 

New in version 1.3:

  • NLogSynth PRO now exports & imports patches using a custom file format with the extension ".nlogpro" (patches from NLog MIDI Synth can be imported) 
  • NLog opens any audio & MIDI file from Mobile Mail, Safari or any other App which deals with files in an iOS compliant manner. 
  • NLog can now also import audio & midi files. All Audio file formats are supported for which Apple's CoreAudio library provides converters. 
  • SoundCloud support for up- & download 
  • iTunes file sharing support for audio, midi & patch files 
  • NLog now reacts to MIDI program and bank change messages. 
  • NLog now supports Sonoma AudioCopy & Paste, including the compatible app list and the standard Sonoma GUI. 
  • NLog has been updated to the new Line6 Midi Mobilizer firmware. 
  • MIDI Through is now switched off by default and can be activated in the "sys" -> "MIDI " panel. 
  • NLog now provides graphical feedback to MIDI notes with the on screen keyboard GUI as well as the pitch bend and mod wheels.
  • Support of Akai's SynthStation25

Pricing and Availability

The update is free to existing users. NLogSynth PRO is £8.99 in the App Store. 

James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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