Podcast: SONIC TALK 211 - A Nasty Steve Hillage

Imogen Heap, Giorgio pre disco, Tubular Belles, Tripps Hyperkeys      17/03/11

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56:34 mins

   Rich Hilton -  from camp Chic where he mans the controls for Nile Rodgers' private studio. 
   Dave Spiers - GforceSoftware.com
  Gaz Williams - SongSurgeon.co.uk
  Mark Tinley - Likebeing.com

Gaz was all fingers and thumbs this week, what with the nasty spillage and breaking a string on the Ashbory bass he showed us (we stream group video now!). We still managed to enjoy Imogen Heap's HeapSong1 project, a marvelously tacky pre disco Giorgio Moroder, the excellent Brooklyn Synth Orchestra with Tubular Bells as well as a look at the incredible Tripps Hyperkeys - an expressive keyboard instrument.

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Fairbanks    Said...

The Georgio Moroder piano part is just a real piano recorded at half speed, then sounds tight, fast and up an octave within the real song.

17-Mar-11 02:59 PM

Nick B    Said...

Of course! Well spotted it did sound very high

17-Mar-11 03:23 PM

Fairbanks    Said...

Hi Nick. Also thought you might be interested in the Eaton-Moog Multiple Touch Sensitive Keyboard the Bob Moog designed for Dr. john Eaton that only made it to prototype stage.


Great show as always. What cameras and video switcher do you use?

By the way, the Mariachi bass is called a guitarrĂ³n.

17-Mar-11 04:43 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks Fairbanks, I think I saw something about that in a clip Michelle Moog-Koussa was in, I will take another look. Simmilarly priced no doubt!

I was just using a USB camera this time - Skype wont take a DV camera input which is a drag. We generally use Sony PCR120E we have a bunch of them.

We dont have a video switcher, its just a bit of software.

17-Mar-11 06:32 PM

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