Podcast: SONIC TALK 213 - The Tyranny Of Choice

Additvive synthesis, Maschine 1.6, musical emotion, Musik Messe, LXP      31/03/11

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73:39 mins

   Rich Hilton -  from camp Chic where he mans the controls for Nile Rodgers' private studio. 
   Dave Spiers - GforceSoftware.com
  Gaz Williams - SongSurgeon.co.uk
  Mark Tinley - Likebeing.com
  PJ Tracy - PJTracyMusic.com

Last show before Musik MESSE , but there still so much news around - firstly we talk about Daniel J Levitin's study of the mechanics of emotion or Rubato as PJ so rightly put it, Native Instruments Maschine 1.6 is here, Additive synthesis and what its good for and the usual malarky banter from our team.

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Even more news...

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Brian from USA    Said...

I used to own a Kawai K5 and didn't understand how to program sounds on it, The sounds it made were reminiscent of the DX7, which makes sense because both FM and additive build up harmonically complex sounds from sine waves vs. using harmonically rich waves (square, saw) and subtractively filtering out harmonics. The real programming problem is understanding what the harmonic spectra of particular sounds actually are. It's good for bells because you can easily dial up partials that are not in the normal overtone series (which is common to bells, gongs and other "metallic" sounds). Organs are easy because each drawbar is just a sine wave tuned to specific partials in the overtone series. It's also great for emulating formants. In theory if you know how each harmonic changes over time and could control the amplitude of each with an EG, additive can recreate any sound...which is why it shows up in resynthesis applications.

What's harder is trying to emulate the ever popular sound of filter weeping a sawtooth!

It looks like Razor uses additive "under the hood" while providing a subtractive style interface. This makes it similar to synths like the CZ-101 or those oddball Korg FM synths like the DS-8 and 707.

31-Mar-11 01:41 PM

hiltonius    Said...

excellent comment, brian. i would add that the GForce impOscar2 that Dave Spiers showed also applies an analog-like interface behind an additive engine.

01-Apr-11 02:03 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks Brian, I never had the chance to mess with one of those synths - a K4 - I had one of those for a while.

I definitely want to check out Reaktor though, its been quite some time since I had a look at that.

02-Apr-11 03:34 PM

L56    Said...

Great podcast as per usual. But I have something to correct you about on Machine 1.6:

- Maschine 1.6 can load multiple plugins per instance. 1 instrument plugin per pad and 3 effect plugins after that. 16 pads per group and with 8 groups available...well, you do the math ;)

- Maschine 1.6 *can* load vst plugins while being run as a plugin itself inside another host. And the same as above applies. 1 instrument plug _per_ pad and 3 effects after that. (x16x8)

Mark don't hesitate on Maschine. I was never an MPC guy, but this thing has blown my mind. The pads are wonderful and creativity just flows with this.

No I don't work for Native Instruments. I never even liked them until I tried Maschine! ;-)

04-Apr-11 03:13 PM

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