Microphone That Can Control Effects Is Now Available

TC-Helicon MP-75 with Mic Control and MP-70 are both shipping      01/04/11
Microphone That Can Control Effects Is Now Available

Here's the TC-Helicon press release:
TC-Helicon has already revolutionized the tools available for the modern vocalist, no matter what the style. Now the revolution goes one step further by creating the ultimate end-to-end solution for vocalists with the addition of two high performance dynamic microphones - MP-70 and MP-75 Both microphones are handheld dynamics that deliver the superlative performanc that vocalists have come to expect from a TC-Helicon product, but the MP-75 comes with one added feature that puts vocalists in control of their performance – Mic Control.
Superior Vocal Tone
The proprietary Lismer capsule design uses a patented neodymium magnet structure for high output and uniform performance. The placement of the super-cardioid capsule provides a high degree of off-axis noise rejection and feedback suppression.
Revolutionary Mic Control feature from TC-Helicon puts effect control firmly in the singer's hands
TC-Helicon announces another first for vocalists – the revolutionary and innovative Mic Control function that puts control of TC-Helicon's vocal effects units exactly where it's needed – in the palm of your hand.
Mic Control allows for communication between TC-Helicon's new MP-75 microphone and its most popular vocal effects devices, including VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive Touch, VoiceLive Singles and VoiceTone products with USB through a single button on the barrel of the microphone. With products such as VoiceLive 2 and VoiceLive Touch the button is user-configurable, allowing Mic Control to be tailored to suit the way you want to work. Also, through a firmware update, any vocal effects unit in TC-Helicon's current product range can be controlled with MP-75's Mic Control feature. The firmware updates are available via VoiceSupport.
So what are you going to do with all this control?
When setting up and singing with the MP-75 microphone and any USB-enabled TC-Helicon vocal processor, vocalists now have the freedom to move around the stage while maintaining full control of their vocal sound.
Why expect anything less from the world's only pro audio company that's 100% dedicated to the needs of singers?
  • Excellent pop and breath noise rejection
  • Superior background noise rejection and resistance to feedback
  • Super-cardioid pick-up pattern with 50Hz to 18kHz frequency response
  • Lismer dynamic capsule voiced for 'close-up' mic technique
  • Suspended dual shock mount for low handling noise
  • Patent pending Mic Control circuit for controlling TC-Helicon vocal effects
  • 100% custom design for ruggedness and ergonomics
  • Ideal for use with TC-Helicon's Adaptive Tone
  • Both the MP-70 and MP-75 will work with non TC-Helicon products
Pricing and Availability:
MP-75 US$169 Estimated price / €149 SSP
MP-70 US$129 Estimated price / €109 SSP
Available: April 2011 More information:

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