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New VR-5 offers video and audio mixing and live streaming      12/04/11

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I have to sneak in the fact we were doing online video 2 years before YouTube was born, but now World+Dog is doing the web video thing, it's high time there was some nice hardware aimed at those trying to up their game and get into quasi-broadcast live vision mixing an 'ting.

Roland, through their RSG and Edirol associations, have long been involved in video, so it comes as no suprise they've released a new video & audio all-in-one unit aimed squarely at the burgeoning video market.

The VR-5 takes a number of different video and audio feeds, provides a bunch of mixing and processing functions, and outputs both to on-board storage to SD card, and to direct outs and a MP4 stream over USB, so you can send the mixed 'cast to online streaming services such as Ustream.

All very handy, it would seem - so we asked Roland Systems Group product specialist Phil Skins to give us a quick run through.

All this power does come at a price though at around £3,500 its not an impulse buy. However when you consider that this and a laptop, plus a couple of cameras could have you streaming live events, it does put it in perspective.

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Ex Roland user    Said...

Huge price for a product that will never get updated. Roland is good at not updating its great devices, they always get stuck in a beta stage, then the next model comes.

13-Apr-11 07:05 AM

Nick Bq    Said...

It does seem like a considerable investment true, but this comes from the pro video wing formerly Edirol? Pricers for pro video gear are an order of magnitude up from what we are used to paying for music tech stuff.

Its something that would be pretty useful to us for sure - replace our pile of separates and make broadcast more portable

13-Apr-11 07:54 AM

bartal    Said...

Mp4 is not a codec, it's a container format.

14-Apr-11 09:14 AM

Nick B    Said...

True enough, as far as I know its x264 which doesn't play straight out of the box - eg in QuickTime - you need to fiddle with the wrapper etc.

Our main concern is that the audio bit rate is only 128kbps which I would think would need to be a little higher - they could afford to snaffle a little more of that 6MBS data rate the video stream runs at.

14-Apr-11 06:29 PM

fizmo    Said...

wet cotton balls in his mouth, man it's hard to concentrate when someone is so damn nervous.

28-Apr-11 04:04 AM

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