Schmidt Polysynth Takes Top Spot in MESSE Poll

Synthopia readers vote it best of show 2011      27/04/11

This one really seemed to capture the imagination of readers during MESSE11 - even though most of us don't have a hope in hell of touching one, let alone affording it - we loved the insanity and excess of it.

Full results from the Synthtopia Best of Musik Messe 2011 readers poll


Here are the five synths that you voted the Best of Musikmesse 2011:

  1. Schmidt Analog Synthesizer 40.5% (307 votes)
  2. Korg Monotribe Analog Ribbon Station 26.78% (203 votes)
  3. Roland Jupiter 80 11.21% (85 votes)
  4. Yamaha MOX 6/8 4.49% (34 votes)
  5. Elektrokosmos Kosmonaut 3.83% (29 votes)


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MPS    Said...

The least likely thing that a person could ever hope to own is best in show? Perfect.

I will own a unicorn before I will even lay an eye on one of these.

27-Apr-11 10:41 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

This is why people go to the show to see something new and innovative like the Schmidt Polysynth. Innovation has been lacking in the hardware synth arena for a few year. I was also glade to see new synths from Roland & Korg.

27-Apr-11 12:21 PM

stormin norman    Said...

at the expected rrp, you could buy a mint restored minimoog, an arp2600, a good size roland system 100m modular, a korg ps3200, a mac, protools and logic, and a good size audio int for it.

Im all for innovation, cause everyone loves something new, but this is something that those who could afford it, would ironically not really want to buy. where is ze pedigree?

27-Apr-11 02:34 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I'd buy it. Or I'd save up for it at least... I bet it would take some time though...

I can't believe that the Kronos didn't make the list.

02-May-11 03:18 AM

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