Musician' Brains Are Highly Developed, Researchers Find

Not Just Bigger - But Better Brains      19/05/11

Musician' Brains Are Highly Developed, Researchers Find

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Researchers have found that musicians not only have bigger than average brains, but that musicians have 'highly developed' brains. 

A new study has found that professional musicians and amateur musicians differ in congitive and brain measures in many ways. 

Among the areas tested, the study found that:

  • Professional musicians do better on the Stroop color-word test, a test that is considered to be a measure of selective attention. Better scores are associated with cognitive flexibility and processing speed, while lower scores are associated with a variety of mental disorders. 
  • Professional musicians have higher coordination between the various sections of their brains, which may translate into more efficient use of the brain. 
  • Professional musicians also tended to score higher on tests of moral reasoning. 

Previously, researchers have found that musicians' brains tend to be significantly larger in an area called Heschl's Gyrus - an area of the brain that is used in processing auditory information. 

via Science Daily

Giant brain image via munkt0n

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