Last Week Of Making Music Month

Propellerhead announce events for the last week      23/05/11
Last Week Of Making Music Month

Here's the Propellerhead press release...
Music Making Month has crested over the hill and now we are winding down to the last full week of events. We've come a long way, learned a ton, and even survived the end of the world on Saturday. What better way to celebrate that fact than with MORE Music Making Month Events!
Finishing up Music Making Month:
  • Your Music in TV/Film/Games
  • Create Any Sound You Can Imagine
  • Creative Frequency Splitting
  • Fan Requested Topic!
  • Simple But Effective Harmonies
  • Everything is Music
  • Lyric Writing Masterclass
  • Live From the Nashville SynthLab
  • Gerald's Live Reason Rig
Be sure to visit the event page for any webcast you want to participate in to subscribe to reminders and notifications for that event. More information:


Even more news...

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freeproppyfanboys    Said...

Thank god its nearly over.what a train reck from start to finish.

23-May-11 08:55 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yout hink? I disagree, I thought there was some good stuff on there actually - the session I saw Live with DJ Lucky Date was really brilliant, very informative and some amazing beats and techniques there - I couldnt manage to see all of the other event, but what I did see didnt fit with your assessment.

23-May-11 09:11 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

Sorry to disagree with @freeproppyfanboys (this nick is just a coincidence, right?) but while looking at the list (link below) of articles and videos, all I see is a bunch of very interesting talks, tips and all around motivational and fun to listen and watch stuff.

Some could have less technical hiccups'n'issues but to be honest and to me, that was also part of the live-on-the-net aspect of most of them.

Having a chat alongside these events added to the fun and the interactive aspect of this event.

I really hope this gets annual and better as people get used to this format, technical issues are fixed and M$kype 6 gets stereo ;)

....ok, now waiting for this same kind of interactive fun: Sonic TALK LIVE Podcast ...only 5hrs to go!

01-Jun-11 05:01 AM

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