DVZ Strings In Europe

Best Service is now European Distributor for Audio Impressions      25/05/11

DVZ Strings In Europe

Best Service tells us that they are now the European distributor for Audio Impressions. Here's what they have to say...
The highly innovative products from Audio Impressions are now available directly at Best Service, as well as at selected authorized key dealers.
Audio Impressions is the first company in the world to use Chris Stone´s patented real-time divisi process, DVZ. The "fast-easy-live" concept overcomes the unnatural "organ" sound that characterizes conventional string sample libraries. The DVZ process automatically divides chords being played and distributes them in real-time to the number of players you have selected, keeping the number of players constant no matter how many notes are in a chord.
70 DVZ Strings lets you control everything from a single intuitive user interface. One-click loads everything. You no longer have to interrupt your creative workflow to search through deep file menus, find the sounds you need, then wait an eternity for them to load. Clicking individual buttons recalls comprehensive factory or user presets. You only need five MIDI tracks for everything: Violins I, Violins II, Viola, Celli and Bass. Everything is done on those five tracks with MIDI CC control. Gone is the need for dozens of tracks for different articulations and styles. This library lets you get more realistic sound with greater speed and less effort.
Pre-announcement: Audio Impressions Brillanti Philharmonic & Early Brass
54 Brass instruments recorded in London at Phoenix Studio in 192 kHz and 24-bit depth following the patented concept of the 70 DVZ Strings and making it perfect for film work. Within the brass plug-in, you can allocate notes between players as more notes are added instead of doubling up the same samples thanks to the DVZ patent. An impressive pattern generator allowing double tongue and other articulations on the fly is included in the 54 unique antique and baroque instruments (Ophicleide, Sackbut, Serpent, and more) All instruments, styles and articulations load at once. You can change sounds on-the-fly by controlling the GUI as you play. Go from legato through marcato with a single controller. With the patented SPACE process, there is no complex panning, bussing or routing in your mixer or DAW, and you can place each brass instrument anywhere in the virtual room. Pricing and Availability:
Audio Impressions Seventy DVZ Strings: € 998.
Audio Impressions Brillanti Philharmonic & Early Brass: € 599. (Shipping June 2011)
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