Podcast: SONIC TALK 220 - Instant Modular Cocktails

Mac malware, Tonto, industry truths, Ian Boddy      02/06/11

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71:47 mins

   Gaz Williams - Songsurgeon.co.uk
    PJ Tracy - composer PJTracyMusic.com
    Mark Tinley - Creative thinker, sound artist LikeBeing.com
   Dave Spiers - makers of fine software instruments

   Rich Hilton - from camp Chic where he mans the controls for Nile Rodgers' private studio. 

A flying visit from Mr Dave Spiers - who popped in bearing cocktails - which remained hidden until we were on air - thanks Mr S, lovely surprise! Topics covered included the first major malware incident on Mac OSX, a lovely video tour of legendary instrument - TONTO. A slightly morose but informative view of the state of the music industr, then a quick look at Ian Boddy's new sample collection.

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WOW! You kids just hit the nail of the head    Said...


I felt so strongly about the points that were made by Rich and PJ that I felt absolutely compelled to pause the podcast IMMEDIATELY and comment. At approx., 47min:34sec PJ is the latter of a brilliant and poignant set of monologues that ultimately and truthfully outline the future models and artistic 'awareness'(s) that WILL be necessary (the evolution..) in order for an (future) artist to transcend these times. ....re-purposing ...the new 'multimedia' artist

To paraphrase, "...we haven't quite reached to the eye of the needle.."

Once this is successfully 'trailblazed' it will be the dawn of the new artistic icon and iconology

WOW!! Those two kids just made it so succinct and clear!

....AND, you heard it here first on the Sonic State; Sonic Talk 220!!!!

Man, there must have been something in those cocktails, because that is some real-deal stream of conscience brainstorming

02-Jun-11 06:12 PM

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