Guitar Samples Now Come With Amp Sims

Impact Soundworks and Peavey bring the power of ReValver to Shreddage      10/06/11

Guitar Samples Now Come With Amp Sims

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Impact Soundworks has announced a partnership with Peavey Electronics to bundle a custom version of Peavey's ReValver virtual amp software with Impact Soundworks' Shreddage and Shreddage X electric guitar sample libraries. The virtual amplifier plugin comes with presets built exclusively for these libraries and is available to all Shreddage users free of charge. Here's their press release with the details...
The ReValver HPse plugin is based on Peavey's award-winning ReValver software that includes two of its most popular amp and power amp models along with a selection of stompboxes and effects, as well as useful tools like a tuner and level monitor. Two sound banks are also included: a factory preset bank with 10 ready-to-go amp and signal chains designed by Peavey, plus a Shreddage bank designed by Impact Soundworks.
Peavey Electronics is one of the largest audio equipment manufacturers and suppliers in the world and widely known for their legendary amplifiers. Their ReValver plugin, available on all platforms, has been called "the most complete and customizable amp modeler we've used" by Performing Songwriter magazine, while readers of Guitar Player magazine voted it the Best Home Studio Gear of 2009. The software also won a Premier Gear Award from Premier Guitar magazine and Platinum and Value awards from Future Music magazine.
Impact Soundworks, a joint venture between composers Andrew Aversa and Wilbert Roget, II, was founded in 2007 with the goal of creating innovative, affordable and unique sample libraries "designed with composers in mind." "Both Shreddage and Shreddage X have received incredible praise from composers, producers and guitarists all over the world," said Andrew Aversa, designer of the libraries. "However, not everyone has top-quality amp plugins available, and even if they do, it can be difficult to craft the perfect tone. Thanks to Peavey, we can now bring every Shreddage user on any platform a premium amp plugin with killer sounds right out of the box!"
Besides Revalver HPse, the Shreddage X Complete Bundle includes nearly 2,000 clean (DI) samples programmed for the Kontakt 4 sampler, covering all crucial articulations: single note and powerchord sustains, palm mutes, fast mutes, half mutes, real-time portamento and legato playing, tremolo, vibrato, pinch squeals, harmonics, neck slides, pick scrapes, drop Ab tuning and more. All articulations can be easily triggered with the keyboard and modwheel - no keyswitching, pedal control or complex programming is needed.
Pricing and Availability:
The Shreddage X Complete Bundle is available for digital download for $69 at the Impact Soundworks website. All current and future Shreddage customers will receive the ReValver HPse plugin, which comes in standalone, VST, AU, RTAS, 32 and 64-bit formats. For users that want more amps, cabinets, stompboxes, speakers and more, multiple upgrade paths are available to other versions of ReValver: for only $29.99, users can upgrade to Revalver HP (MSRP: $99), while $199.99 leads to the flagship ReValver MK III.V software (MSRP: $299). More information:


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