DestrOrgan - The Breakable Anti-Stress Organ

If You Don't Like The Sound Of iPhone Music Software - Destroy It      13/06/11

Buying Choices

Alexander Smith has relleased DestrOrgan - a new iOS app for people that think iPhone music apps are getting too many useful features.  

"If you don't like the sweet sound of piano, cats, dogs and flatulence," says Smith, "DESTROY IT!"


  • 13 virtual keys
  • 4 sounds: piano, dog, cat & fart
  • 70 breakable parts

Note: Smith warns "Do not hit hard on your iPhone! Quick light taps will do the trick! Shake iPhone to reset."

Pricing and Availability

DestrOrgan is available in the App Store for $.99. 


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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