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VirSyn and audioMIDI.com create the iSyn Poly with 3 synths, drum machine and sequencer      23/06/11
VirSyn, and music production retailer, audioMIDI.com, have partnered up a second time to create the iOS musical app, iSyn Poly. Here's what they have to say about it...
The iSyn Poly, the successor to the popular iSyn pattern synthesizer for iPhone, is an electronic music creation tool for your iPad. It features 3 synthesizers (two monophonic, and one 8-voice polyphonic), a drum machine, and a full featured sequencer.
The drum machine boasts drum samples from all of the classics, including the 808, 909, modular synth drums, and numerous 80's drum machines. Volume, pan, and decay time are individually adjustable and pitches are tunable over a wide range for extraordinary effects.
Each of the analog modeling synthesizers feature 3 oscillators, 24 db/oct lowpass filter, envelopes, a noise generator, LFO, AMP section for overdrive and crushing, and a full arpeggiator. Also available to shape your sound are multiple effects including a phaser, flanger, chorus, delay, stereo/cross delay. Independent volume controls are included for mixing.
Control of the iSyn Poly can be achieved with either the iPad's touchscreen or a CoreMIDI compatible keyboard using Apple's Camera Connection Kit. The screen features a two-octave keyboard, assignably X/Y Pad, and the revolutionary Tilt Control to assign two of the synth parameters to the iPad's tilt sensors.
The sequencer is at the heart of the iSyn Poly. There are four recording tracks that correspond to each instrument, and each is laid out in a familiar piano roll style. Real-time recordings can be cleaned up with quantization, and notes can be selected, edited, and copied; just like a computer sequencer. Each track also includes five lanes of automation for controlling velocity and pitch, and any parameters assigned to the mod wheel and X/Y pad.
In response to overwhelming demand, an export option has also been included, allowing you to render your songs to both audio and MIDI. You can then use the Audio Pasteboard to copy your audio recordings for use in over 30 other iOS apps. Furthermore, you can transfer your songs and user presets through file sharing in iTunes.

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Sounds like ass.

23-Jun-11 07:38 AM

Lorene    Said...

Great stuff, you helepd me out so much!

28-Jun-11 06:13 AM

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