Girls Gone Vinyl

New Documentary Project Looks At The Untold Story Of Female DJ's      27/06/11

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Girls Gone Vinyl is a new documentary, now in preproduction, about the story of female DJs from around the world in a male dominated industry.

It's currently being funded as a Kickstarter project, with about $4,500 of the $15,000 goal raised. 

Here's what the producers have to say about Girls Gone Vinyl:

No one would think that the electronic music industry is in conflict, but the truth is that DJs are more segregated that politicians or business executives.

Girls Gone Vinyl is the world's first documentary about female DJs, their struggles and successes, what inspires them and what drives them in spite of overwhelming odds. Watch these women converge on Detroit for the largest electronic music festival in North America and hear their stories firsthand.

Details are available at the Girls Gone Vinyl Kickstarter site. 


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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