Alesis IO Dock Turns Your iPad Into A Music Studio

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Alesis IO Dock Turns Your iPad Into A Music Studio

Alesis has announced that the iO Dock, the world's first pro-audio dock for Apple's iPad and iPad 2 is now shipping to pro-audio and instrument retailers everywhere. Here's what they have to say about it...
The iO Dock is the missing link between the iPad, its associated App Store's catalog of audio and video apps, and the entire world of professional audio equipment. Songwriters, music producers and performers of all kinds will find that the iO Dock turns an iPad into a professional music studio by connecting the iPad's powerful processor, touch-screen interface and extensive library of apps, to their collection of microphones, instruments, professional speaker and PA systems, MIDI controllers, sound modules, video projectors and much more.
With the iO Dock and an iPad or iPad 2, musicians and producers can record, perform, create and craft music in virtually any conceivable manner or location. Built to accommodate current app-development standards including Core MIDI and Akai Pro's AkaiConnect SDK, the iO Dock is a universal iPad audio-recording, playback, and MIDI device that bridges the user's choice of music-creation and performance apps with virtually all professional input and output instruments and devices.
The iO Dock provides microphone and instrument users with two combination XLR and 1/4-inch inputs, each with its own gain control and switchable phantom power for condenser microphones. Guitarists will appreciate the iO Dock's guitar-direct switch, enabling them to play, perform and record right into amplifier and effects-modeling apps. Bands can connect outputs from their mixer to easily record their performances and rehearsals or use the iO Dock as a metronome or loop-playback device on stage. Producers can use the iO Dock for iPad music production, using its MIDI and USB-MIDI jacks to sequence external keyboards, samplers, drum machines and synthesizers, or perform using the iO Dock as the sound module connected to their favorite MIDI keyboard, drum pad or other controller. An assignable 1/4-inch footswitch input enables remote control of any app-defined function such as stop/start or record. Users can also connect the iO Dock to their Mac or PC using the USB port to remote-control software with faders, transport controls or any other MIDI-compliant control app.
Musicians can connect the iO Dock's stereo pair of 1/4-inch main outputs to studio monitors for critical listening, or to PA systems for use in performance settings. They can monitor on headphones, and independently control the levels of the main and headphone outputs, each on its own knob. Recording musicians will appreciate the iO Dock's direct-monitor switch, which enables them to toggle between the incoming and playback signal on their headphones. Rounding out the iO Dock's output section is a composite video connector, enabling users to employ the iO Dock as a source for video projection behind bands on stage, or for connection to most televisions and computer monitors.
"Since its release, the iPad has captured the interest of forward-looking musicians," said Dan Radin, Product Manager, Alesis. "There are lots of music apps in the App Store, but before the iO Dock, there hasn't been a professional way to interface your music gear with iPad."
Pricing and Availability:
The Alesis iO Dock is now available from musical instrument and pro audio retailers everywhere with a U.S. Retail Price of $399.00 and an estimated street price of $199.00 More information:


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anonymous coward    Said...

the unit is a nice concept, but alesis once again fails to communicate proper with their customers. all of the advertising material is just speaking of "the ipad". what alesis forgots to mention is the fact that only the ipad 1 fits into the io dock! apparantly they offer an adapter solution for the ipad 2, but this is nowhere to be found and the customer only is informed on a sheet of paper inside (!) the iodock packaging!

29-Jun-11 05:54 AM

MPS    Said...

The iPad two adapter will ship with the next batch of docks from what I was told. It is only the first batch where they got caught on the hop. Still would be aggravating to buy one and find out that it doesn't work without an adaptor that you have to send away for.

29-Jun-11 09:54 AM


The iO Dock is fully certified by Apple to work with both iPad and iPad 2. As soon as iPad 2 was announced, Alesis began designing a fitted insert for iO Dock that perfectly conforms to iPad 2’s thinner profile.

Due to overwhelming demand, Alesis wanted to get the iO Dock into as many customers’ hands as possible, as quickly as possible. As a result, a small number of iO Docks were shipped without the iPad 2 insert in the box.

If your iO Dock did not include an iPad 2 insert in the box, simply fill out the form below and an insert will be shipped to you free of charge.

You can obtain the adapter here free of charge.

30-Jun-11 08:34 AM

Delacourte    Said...

I was told my iPad2 adapter would ship July 25. On July 28, I called Alesis and,was told they weren't receiving them until mid-August. Their official explanation for why they shipped it when it wouldn't work with the iPad 2 months after the iPad 2 release was that "Due to overwhelming demand, Alesis wanted to get the IO Dock into as many customers' hands as possible, as quickly as possible." Why? So we could admire its looks? How about getting the adapter into our hands "as quickly as possible," instead of selling us the product before the adapter even existed? Obviously, Alesis concealed the snafu from iPad 2 customers and even from retail sales reps because it's a sales killer. OK, you got my money, but whatever brand loyalty me and your other early adapters, who could've been your best evangelists, had is down the drain. I've personally been involved in a number of product launches and this one of the most inept brand-damaging blunders I've ever witnessed.

29-Jul-11 04:04 PM

Yeah buoy,,,    Said...

I have been waiting for the io dock since I purchased my once new ipad...almost a year ago. LOL.... Sorry to the ipad 2 users.... Hint ... Maybe you could try stuffing paper towel between the unit and the ipad....PROPS to alesis and the early release date... Sick unit

06-Aug-11 01:33 AM

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