Peter Vogel Introduces The New Fairlight

A Sneak Peek At The CMI-30A      10/07/11

Fairlight Instruments released this video over the weekend, a 'sneak peek' at the new CMI-30A synthesizer.

In the video, company CEO Peter Vogel presents a first look at the 30th Anniversary edition of the classic Fairlight sampler.

The Fairlight CMI-30A features the retro look of the original, but offers current technology to more much more power than was possible in the 80's.

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Pricing and Availability

The Fairlight CMI-30A is priced at A$20,000  (Australian dollars) plus GST if delivered within Australia. A 50% deposit is required as part of the agreement. Deliver is expected to be within 90 days.


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2nsDi    Said...

It's ridiculously overpriced for what amounts to nothing more than nostalgia. There are so many other more powerful systems on the market for less. They should have offered a software version of the Fairlight to run on a PC system like the Open Labs stuff.

11-Jul-11 09:03 AM

fair-light    Said...

Outrageously expensive!

11-Jul-11 01:26 PM

Jan Hammer    Said...

Probably the most stupid thing I've even seen. Why would anyone buy one? It was great in the 80's when studios had lots of money and could afford to have an sound engineer just to operate the damn thing. What's next? A battery powered T-ford with autonomous Steering?

11-Jul-11 02:16 PM

Alex    Said...

Let's wait for the New Synclavier !!!

12-Aug-11 09:12 AM

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