New Mobile Music Production Instrument Launches

Beat Thang will make go on sale this weekend      13/07/11
Here's the press release:
We wanted everyone to be able to produce music the same way we do," says Dallas Austin of the idea behind the Beat Thang. The Grammy-winning producer-songwriter-"keyboard fanatic" and owner of Atlanta-based Rowdy Electronics is introducing this groundbreaking mobile music-making machine through a joint venture with Nashville's BKE (Beat Kangz Electronics.) The Beat Thang will go on sale exclusively at Best Buy July 17, 2011 as a limited edition with a MSRP of $1499.99
Dallas Austin is the man behind multiplatinum hits by the likes of Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, TLC, Madonna, Pink and Gwen Stefani. At Austin's level, producing music the same way he does means access to a library of 3,000+ original sounds (live drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, strings, horns, Latin and African percussion); hundreds of beats, patterns and loops; 65 digital effects (EQ, compression, reverb, delay, filter, chopped, screwed, reverse record); sampling; waveform editing; and mixing and mastering functionality, among other marvels.
Fully portable but also able to integrate with a Mac or PC, the Thang has a 3.5-inch color video LCD screen. It offers endless customization possibilities, including the option to tailor your setting to wherever inspiration strikes – at home, in the club, on the corner, onstage, even in the studio. Its cutting-edge features can be enjoyed anywhere courtesy of a rechargeable battery and sturdy metal frame no heavier than a laptop.
"We're musicians and beat-makers and artists, so the development of the Beat Thang got an extra layer of creativity and love," says BKE President Aja Emmanuel, formerly a globe-trotting product specialist for Sam Ash Music and Samson Technologies and an independent hip-hop artist (perhaps best known for the 2002 album It's Time.)
Emmanuel and Austin are proud to note that the Beat Thang has already won high-profile fans like Jermaine Dupri, P. Diddy,, Jim Jonsin and "American Idol" in-house mentor Jimmy Iovine, who went so far as to introduce the handy piece of hardware to "AI" audiences. Austin will go even farther when he takes the Beat Thang with him to space aboard Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic in 2013.
Here on Earth, Austin is co-hosting pre-release parties with Best Buy in Nashville, Atlanta, New York and Miami to demonstrate the Beat Thang for industry VIP's. States Austin: "We'll be showing everyone how you can sing into it, play keyboards into it, put beats into it – anything," he says. "We'll also have a few for pre-order because once we hit the release date, it's anyone's guess how many will be available to the industry. We only produced 1,000 units and the buzz is running pretty hot."
Of course when Austin and Emmanuel started out in the music business, there was nothing like the Beat Thang. "It's like we made a list of everything we'd ever wanted as producers...and then went to work to put it all in one powerful machine that we could take with us whenever we wanted" states Emmanuel.
Notes Austin: "I remember being 11 or 12 and going to the music store every day to play the instruments. I couldn't afford any of them. And now Aja and I are going worldwide with the music machine of the future!"
Pricing and Availability:
$1499.99 More information:


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Byron    Said...

1997 called, it wants it's groovebox concept back :) Anyone that spends close to a grand on this needs help, they really do.

13-Jul-11 07:41 AM

WaveFormTX    Said...

"Byron Said...

1997 called, it wants it's groovebox concept back :) Anyone that spends close to a grand on this needs help, they really do."

QFT Seriosly, if I had that kind of money, I'd rather save up for a DSI Tempest. Really Akai already cornered the market for groove boxes like this, nothing new here.

13-Jul-11 04:46 PM


At one third of the cost of this thang, I can purchase a laptop/netbook and an Akai MPD18 which would both simplify the process of creation as well as add functionality that the Beat Thang can't match. Also it would appear to me that the pads are not velocity sensitive (akin to Roland's pad samplers) which makes for a lifeless performance. Pass.

14-Jul-11 04:37 PM

Midi boy    Said...

Has this guy been watching too many rap videos.Dumbing down to try to appear 'street' probably some college kid!! Grow up man your not in a gang. Don't drink your juice in the hood brother............

15-Jul-11 03:08 AM

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