AfroDJMac Reveals Secrets Of Drum Tracks In Ableton Live

Free download comes with an effect rack with an assortment of ways to create variations, fills and more      14/07/11

Here's what AfroDJMac has to say about his Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #16...
I'm giving away a lot of my secrets this week! I am showing the world how I handle my drum tracks in Ableton Live. The download comes with an effect rack with an assortment of ways to create variations, fills, add drama, subtly effect or glitch to oblivion. Also included are some clips of the actual drums I use live, to illustrate how I create unique and sometimes random drum fills and variations that always come in on time. From there, I show you how I midi map all of these things to make everything just a press of a button, turn of a knob, or slide of a fader away. The accompanying video illustrates how this is done, and I also wrote out very explicit instructions on how I make this all work. One final thing, I included a track from my performance last Friday, that puts these techniques into a real world situation.
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