Moog - Free VST Controller for MuRF

Have a MuRF ball on Moog      29/07/11
Moog - Free VST Controller for MuRF

For those that haven't come across the rather groovy MIDI MurF Moogerfooger (aka MF-105M MIDI Multiple Resonance Filter Array) it's well worth checking out - have a peek at the video demos on the Moog site here.

Basically, it's a set of time-variable Moog analog filters in a pedal format, which is controllable by MIDI, and can also be pre-programmed... here's a quick description from their product page:-

'What is really unique is the ability to animate the levels of the 8 filters in up to 24 preset patterns. The rate of the patterns can be set by a knob, expression pedal, or plug a footswitch into the tap tempo input to match the rate to the tempo of your song. Rhythmic variations can be created by adjusting the levels of the filters. The Envelope control sets the shape of the modulation, which can be set for percolating techno rhythmic modulation or shimmering timbral morphing. Other controls include Input Drive, Output Level and Wet/Dry Mix.'

Actually, it's easier to get by seeing/hearing it in action rather than reading about it, but the effects are pretty neat.

And now you can control it with a free VST plugin too - here's the Press Release that just landed on our News Desk here at Sonic Towers...

"July 29, 2011 Asheville, NC based MOOG Music announced today the release of a free software VST controller plug-in for their popular MF-105M MIDI MuRF pedal.

The MIDI MuRF (Multiple Resonance Filter Array) is an advanced combination of two legendary MOOG pedals: the MF-105 MuRF and the MF-105B Bass MuRF.It utilizes an 8 band array of resonant filters with a pre-programmed animation section to create unlimited unique sequenced filter effects.

MuRF_Controller is an exciting addition for any Midi MuRF owner wanting to easily control and expand its' power and capabilities from within their DAW.

Features include:

•Full automation functionality- use your DAW’s plugin automation tools to create fully automated parameter changes on the MIDI MuRF. Every knob and every filter is now "easily" edited from the MuRF_Controller.

•Create, recall and save presets- Quickly capture and recall any amazing sound you have created on your MIDI MuRF. Once you've discovered a sound, you can easily save it within your MuRF_Controller plug-in.

• Envelope Scale- Allows you to access a time multiplier for the envelope that "stretches” or “shrinks” the duration of the envelope without changing the envelope shape. Changing the envelope time scale independent from the pattern rate provides a whole new range of sonic effects!

• LFO Rate- Allows direct access to the MuRF's LFO speed

• Staccato and Triplet mode- Allows access to even more creative musical timing modes in the MIDI MuRF

Availability and pricing: MuRF Controller VST plug-in is a free download for all owners of the MF-105M MIDI MuRF.
Download at






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mattsynth    Said...

At first I thought Moog was giving away a free VST plugin of the Murf but now I see it is just a midi controller for the Murf. Silly me.

29-Jul-11 01:33 PM

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