Wakeman Talks Mini To Bob Moog

How he got his first Mini Moog      01/08/11

In this clip from Moog - a movie by Hans Fjellestad, Rick Wakeman talks to Bob Moog about his first Mini Moog and then his subsequent eight...

Great little vignette which shows Bob enjoying a bit of backstage banter with the musicians.  Rick Wakeman being one of the industry's great raconteur's and unusually, appears to be able to make it through this story without any expletives (also being one of the most potty mouthed!)





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ajBmt    Said...


What a sound! Honestly, so rich, with the proper balance of frequency and pressure.


02-Aug-11 03:23 AM


I love Bob Moog. I think that it is an incredible shame that he died at the age of 71 or so. I feel terrible about it -- I used to work at Kurzweil, back in the late 1990s. I never met Bob or Rick, but each of them had a presence at the R&D facility where I worked. Posters of Rick and his son on the walls showed them with K2000 units. Bob Moog was featured in a news clipping that was tacked up over the copy machine.

I hate to admit that I love the Moog stuff, because I do love my computer and my VST plug-ins. But Moog was such an original, and without his incredible contributions to synthesis, we wouldn't HAVE VST technology. We wouldn't have had Kurzweil or Cakewalk or Cubase or any of it.

I will never forget what he did. Seeing Rick talking to Mr. Moog, like they met up in a grocery store somewhere, makes me want to cry -- and smile -- at once.

Thanks for posting this. This is, by the way, why I always come back to your great web site. I know that I have on occasion been a bit of a grouch when commenting about other articles, but know that I care a lot about you and what you do here. Thank you.

04-Aug-11 11:30 AM

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