Now You Can Buy A 100% Royalty Free Song

Prime Loops new Vocal Allstar Series can be re-worked and released as your own      03/08/11
Now You Can Buy A 100% Royalty Free Song

Yep, that's right... here's the press release we just received from Prime Loops:
Introducing the new Vocal Allstar Series, a groundbreaking new series from Prime Loops, which will challenge the concept of how music is made and change the sound library industry forever. For the first time you can buy a 100% royalty free song complete with vocals which can be re-worked and released as your own.
Each Vocal Allstar kit comes with one fully arranged and pre-mastered mix of a song including vocal hooks. Each part of the song also comes as remixable loops, sounds and stems (e.g. separated synth, bass, drum beats, orchestra tracks and more), providing endless creativity and inspiration. Whether you are a music producer, rapper, MC or vocalist you can simply use the pre-made, full-length song with chorus and add you own vocal verses or chose to get creative and start chopping up and remixing sounds to create your own unique track.
Internationally established music producers for artists such as Beyoncé, Nicole Scherzinger, Enrique Iglesias, Chris Brown and the Crookers, major labels such as Universal and Grammy and BAFTA award winners have used Prime Loops' products to create hits already and with the new Vocal Allstar Series any beat maker, producer, singer or those looking to start making music can create a radio ready song quickly and easily bringing the big studio sound straight to your computer.
To celebrate the release of this brand new music making experience, Prime Loops has released seven Vocal Allstar packs, providing you with everything from R&B ballads to club anthems with more to come! Current packs include:
  • Drop it Down Low - Full-length 74Bpm show stopper song with massive vocal hook in a loop construction kit, ready for reconstruction.
  • Shawty's a Keeper - Complete full-length upbeat song at 120Bpm, with a catchy vocal hook in a loop construction kit. Ready to get everyone singing along.
  • Been a While - Full-length 104Bpm R&B song with a big vocal hook in a loop construction kit, all ready to be the next super ballad.
  • Come With Me - Hot & sexy 105Bpm full-length song with a killer vocal hook, in a loop construction kit ready for you to add verse and drop in the club.
  • Backstage Pass - Big, full-length 130Bpm track with a hit vocal hook in a loop construction kit, ready for the floor! A high-energy song that brings it!
  • Last Thing I Say - 65Bpm Anthem style full-length song, all complete with vocal hook in a loop construction kit ready for your production! Get the lighters in the air!
  • Party Like Wow - Instant club hit at 130Bpm, fully arranged with a party smashing vocal hook. Get everyone's hands up with this hook!
What is included in each Vocal Allstars pack?
  • One fully arranged and pre-mastered mix of the song
  • All the audio tracks of the song as separate stems
  • All song elements cut-up into ready-made, flexible loops
  • Drum hits and samples included
  • Professionally mastered hi-res 24bit audio files
  • 100% Royalty Free license – release your mix commercially
Vocal Allstars features include:
  • Up to date sounds, in tune with the charts
  • Remix it, chop it up, re-arrange, mash it up & do whatever you want
  • Easy and fun to use, Vocal Hooks at the push of a button
  • Everything you need to create a huge chart anthem
  • Drag & drop - take complete control of your productions
  • If you're an MC or Vocalist, add your verses over the beat in between the hooks to create an instant hit
With genres including Dance, Urban, Pop, R&B and many more and available as an instant download in all your favourite formats, this new series allows everyone to enjoy the Vocal Allstars experience and create chart ready tracks straightaway.
Pricing and Availability:
£9.95 each More information:


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Brian from USA    Said...

wow...not sure what to say about this...better buy one quick before someone else releases their version ;)

03-Aug-11 03:37 PM

rez_azel    Said...

Wow, this is even more pointless than all those construction kit sets out there...

04-Aug-11 04:14 AM

fontalroy    Said...

all i can say is WOW... TOTALLY wow i bought this then i made a song and booom my life was great,i didnt have to think about the last year of my life now i get to see these people on a regular basis WOW...TOTALLY

04-Aug-11 02:57 PM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Too late! "Shawty's a Keeper" already a Youtube smash hit:

Prime Loops' "Number One Hit Maker" version here:

04-Aug-11 03:30 PM

Eau    Said...

yo mang. .i jus show up at da vocal boof and spit my linez. an get paid'n'laid. . naa'mean??

I can't decide if Prime Loops should be deemed morally reprehensible for unleashing this sort of half-assery unto the populous or if I should praise them for the endless entertainment brought on by individual takes on the same beat. For example one guy just 'raps' over the existing vocal track on the 'shawty' kit. Why not do a color by numbers of Picasso?

04-Aug-11 05:55 PM

Kevin Nolan, Dublin.    Said...

For God's sake. Just how low can people go to make a buck? This is about as depressing, pointless and fake as it gets. Absolutely pathetic.

All that can be cheap and tacky in music, packaged in one box.

07-Aug-11 05:19 AM

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