Korg Introduces microARRANGER

Compact backing keyboard is designed to create full arrangements to aid the composer      02/09/11
Korg Introduces microARRANGER

The microARRANGER is the latest addition to Korg's line of 'micro' keyboard instruments. Korg tell us that, using its extensive Style Engine, the microARRANGER can quickly turn a simple idea into a complete song featuring a full backing arrangement. The specifications and capabilities are based on Korg's Pa50SD Professional Arranger. Here are all the details of the instrument in Korg's own words...
Following the composer's tempo selection, chord changes and voice leading, the microARRANGER can create a full backing arrangement in real time, based on the selected musical Style. Each of the over 300 Styles is a complete composing environment that includes intros, breaks, fills, endings and four variations for a realistic performance. Each Style also includes four preset instrument selections. The user is always free to change any element to his or her own liking. These same features allow the user to play a favorite song, with the microARRANGER creating a full backing arrangement on the fly.
The user's compositions can be recorded in a variety of ways. The internal recorder features step, real-time and workstation modes, allowing both the accomplished player and the non-keyboardist the ability to create and save their own songs with a rich backing arrangement – anything from a simple drum and bass groove to a jazz quartet or a full R&B rhythm section. Full editing tools are included to polish any performance. Songs can be saved on a convenient SD/SDHC card.
The microARRANGER features high-quality Korg sound, with over 650 professionally-created sounds to choose from. Four studio-quality stereo effects processors add vitality and motion to the sound; 89 Effect Programs are available.
As the "micro" name implies, the microARRANGER is compact, lightweight, and extremely portable. The Natural Touch keyboard features 61 velocity sensitive mini-keys proportioned for comfortable playing. A stereo speaker system is built right in for sharing the microARRANGER's sound, or headphones can be used for private practice.
Pricing and Availability:
Pricing and availability for the Korg microARRANGER will be announced shortly. More information:


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L56    Said...


02-Sep-11 05:23 PM


WOW. I want to cry after seeing that.. Korg oh korg what happened..

02-Sep-11 06:03 PM

Synth_fan    Said...

While I'd usually agree with you and cringe - in this instance, for practicality in rapid development, media work, quick demos etc. - this could be handy - you have the features of an arranger but in a very compact unit. If it's cheap enough - park it in somewhere convenient and play it from a full size keyboard. So this could be quite popular with a lot of pro musicians who woudl never fork out for a full arranger but who need, on occasion, that conveience for the odd job requiring its features. They should release their main arrangers as modules or software plugins - I'd suspect there'd be a market.

03-Sep-11 10:24 AM

DJDeals.com    Said...


07-Sep-11 11:37 AM

Morris    Said...

I have had the microarranger for 3 weeks now and I have only one complaint and I'll get to that later. This is an amazing instrument. I was blown away at the ease of transition playing on the smaller keys that feel great. The sounds are stunning and I would say that includes at least 95% of them which is an amazing rate on any keyboard. The styles are absolutely professionally made. With 2 sequencers live play has endless possibilities. The option to edit and create original styles is a great addition. The chord scanning with full keyboard scanning is flawless. Recording in B. seq mode is a piece of cake. With the ability to convert other styles you have endless style availability. Now to my only gripe. It is not battery operated, which would make it totally portable. However I am confident that someone will come up with a fix for this. All of those who judge this product without checking it out are missing out on a great tool for songwriting and live play.

25-Aug-12 05:38 PM

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