Filter Plug-In Updated

The Lower Rhythm release version 2 of the Dusk LP Filter VST for Windows      05/09/11

Filter Plug-In Updated

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The Lower Rhythm has released version 2 of the Dusk LP Filter VST for Windows, the had this to tell us, "The Dusk filter is a smooth, fat and powerful lowpass filter. With a 'tube' emulated gainstage and a clean mix, Dusk is simple, effective and prepared to liven up anything you pass through it."
Feature List:
  • 'Tube' emulated gainstage
  • Extra fat LP filter
  • Clean Mix
Changes in this version:
  • Simplified interface
  • Redesigned 'tube' code
  • Warmer sounding filter
Pricing and Availability:
$7.99 More information:


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