Free Steinberg Software Bundle For New SAE Students

Steinberg LE Pack SAE Edition features light editions of Cubase and WaveLab      09/09/11

Free Steinberg Software Bundle For New SAE Students

Steinberg has announced that its Steinberg LE Pack SAE Edition is available as welcome profile package for more than 1,600 first-semester students of 26 SAE Institutes across Europe. The pack comprises light editions of the Cubase 6 music production software and WaveLab 7 audio editing software.
Rüdi Grieme, director of operations for SAE Europe, told Sonic State, "It is eminently important to us that our students learn the established methods and tools of trade. Steinberg's software most certainly falls into that category. We are therefore pleased that our audio engineer students now receive the Steinberg LE Pack SAE Edition here in Europe. Especially Cubase, with its many flexible tools, is suitable for the different working methods and helps our students make good use of their creativity in the production process, right from the start."
Frank Simmerlein, director of marketing at Steinberg, added, "Steinberg greatly appreciates this cooperation with an important -- if not the most important -- institution educating in new creative technologies,"
Cubase LE 6 features at a glance
  • Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with flexible routing and fully automatic delay compensation
  • Supports up to 24 MIDI, 8 instrument, 16 audio tracks and 8 physical inputs simultaneously in DVD-audio quality (24-bit/96 kHz)
  • Superb audio/MIDI recording, editing and mixing tools
  • Includes HALion Sonic SE workstation instrument with full GM compatibility and over 180 instrument presets
  • Suite of 16 quality audio effect processors, including modulation, delay, dynamic and equalizer
  • Streamlined score editing feature set
  • Real-time pitch-shifting and time-stretching
  • MediaBay file and preset management system
  • Project Assistant with dozens of templates and Online video tutorials available for getting started instantly
  • Cross-platform 32-/64-bit for Windows and Mac OS X Intel
WaveLab LE 7 features at a glance
  • Up to 96 kHz and 32-bit floating-point resolution in two simultaneous audio tracks
  • Selection of VST 3 plug-ins and other audio effects
  • Audio Montage, Wave Editing and Podcast Workspace concept from WaveLab 7
  • Stereo non-destructive editing with markers, unlimited undo and customizable shortcuts
  • Powerful, real-time engine with effect plug-in integration
  • Flexible window architecture
  • Completely reworked layout and user interface enhance the user experience without sacrificing usability
  • Extensive podcast functionalities with publishing features
  • Audio CD grabbing
  • Cross-platform 32-/64-bit for Windows and Mac OS X Intel
Pricing and Availability:
Steinberg LE Pack SAE Edition is available in the SAE Profile Packs for first-semester students of the SAE in 26 institutions across Europe.
An upgrade from the Steinberg LE Pack SAE Edition to Cubase Elements 6 and WaveLab Elements 7 is available in Europe through the SAE student store for EUR 49 including German VAT. Pricing may vary for other countries.
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