Podcast: SONIC TALK 238 -Correctional Facillity

David Byrne at TED, iMaschine, SonoReplicator and other emulations      12/10/11

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70:8 mins


Rich Hilton - Nile Rodgers’ go to studio guy and Chic bandmember
Dave Spiers - Gforce Software
Gaz Williams - songwriter,  producer, performer
PJ Tracy - pianist, composer, studio owner
Mark Tinley - sound artist, author and creative thinker
Nick Batt - editor Sonicstate.com
We start with an excellent talk by Talking Heads’ David Byrne at TED 2010 on the way that music is written to fill the physical space, then we’re off to check a few more Sonic TALK Theme competition entries -they are great btw! Then we discuss the SonoReplicator speaker and headphone emulation software, plus other similar technologies.

Competition Time - Compose a 20sec  Or Less Introduction For the Show!
Win- the successful winner will see their theme present at the start of each show, participate in a “How I made It” interview on the show, plus be the proud owner of an extremely useful head-torch - just the thing for the back of the studio rack (more prizes may be available).

Entries to be in by 20th October - winner will be judged by the panel an announced on 27th October
Current Entries
Sonic TALK Theme Tunes Entries by snick

Simply upload your tune using the SoundCloud drop box:

Upload your entry here Note: Copyrighted material will be inneligable and please keep to the 20sec limit

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Pasi72    Said...

Good show, finally had time to listen to it. iPad is definitely becoming more and more powerful. I wonder how squeezed traditional synth workstation manufacturers are feeling with iPad and SynthStation 49 becoming available?

16-Oct-11 04:06 PM

Velocipede    Said...

Got the VRM box a few weeks ago and it is brilliant for music listening through headphones. (It is not for use with speakers.) Haven't even used it for mixing, but has been worth the expense just for listening to my iTunes library.

17-Oct-11 06:01 AM

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