Dubstep Drums

Prime Loops release Ultimate Dubstep Drummer sample set      19/10/11
Dubstep Drums

Prime Loops tell us that their latest release, Ultimate Dubstep Drummer allows you to dance to the beat of your own drum with over 40 diverse and cutting edge, multi-layered dubstep drum patterns and one-shots. They say that, whether you like your sounds more techy, dark and hard like Kode9 and Martyn or want to add a warm analogue live touch in the vein of producers such as Benga or Nero, this pack gives you all the beats you need for your dubstep productions.
Here's Prime Loops' description of this latest release:
Ultimate Dubstep Drummer is a treasure trove of multi-faceted drum sounds featuring 200+ authentic dubstep drum loops and drum samples plus over 40 MIDI files including live drum loops, drum machine loops, drum one-shots and processed beats - containing claps, snares, percussion hits as well as ultra low kick drums all at 140Bpm.
Featuring hard-kicking drum machine sounds as well as powerful live drum samples, Ultimate Dubstep Drummer has been thoroughly thought through to provide you with everything from the trademark sound of legendary analogue rhythm machines such as Roland TR-808 and 909 to the latest digital beats enhanced by modern compression techniques as well as the professional studio recordings of authentic live drums.
All MIDI files are included for maximum flexibility to all for endless and carefree mixing and mingling of these top-notch patterns and one-shot sounds. All material contained in Ultimate Dubstep Drummer has been exclusively produced and 24Bit mastered for your music making adventures and is, as always 100% royalty free.
Formats include: .WAV, FL Studio, Apple Loops, Acid Loops, Stylus RMX Loops, Ableton Live Pack, Akai MPC, Rex2 Loops, Reason Refill and more.
Pricing and Availability:
Ultimate Dubstep Drummer is available to download for £17.95 More information:


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