Vintage Tube Console Sound In Your DAW

Slate Digital VCC RC TUBE plug-in recreates the sound of a 1950's all tube broadcast mixing console      19/10/11

Vintage Tube Console Sound In Your DAW

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Slate Digital tell us that their plug-in brings the sound of a 1950's all tube broadcast mixing console into your Digital Audio Workstation. They say that using both a channel plug-in and mixbuss plug-in, the RC TUBE will add true, nonlinear, dynamic analog artifacts that will make your mixes warmer, fatter, deeper, and richer sounding and that, furthermore, the RC-TUBE Mixbuss plugin can be used in the mastering stage as a stereo mix processor when you want to add life and "vibe" to the mix.
Slate Digital say that the RC-TUBE uses 100% dynamic nonlinear algorithms designed by master DSP engineer Fabrice Gabriel, to reproduce every subtle nuance of a vintage tube circuit. A PR person for the company told us, "Don't let the low price fool you! The RC TUBE algorithm is our most complex algorithm to date, and its already being called one of the best analog emulations in digital by many top users."
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$49 plus shipping and handling (limited time offer with an ilok2 protection device) More information:


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