Harmony Systems Announces Availability Of KymaConnect

Transforms a Mac into command central for Symbolic Sound Kyma connectivity needs      25/10/11

Harmony Systems Announces Availability Of KymaConnect

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Harmony Systems, Inc. has announced the availability of KymaConnect, a Mac OSX connectivity application for Symbolic Sound Kyma users that they tell us adds even more functionality to the successful Delora PacaConnect product. They say that KymaConnect reduces cost and on-stage or studio setup complexity while offering expanded capability to users of both Paca(rana) and Capybara sound engines. Here's the details that the company has supplied us with:
Reduces System Cost and Complexity
KymaConnect's integrated networking and MIDI functions work in concert to reduce or eliminate additional MIDI interfaces and networking hardware. Paca(rana) owners can obtain full MIDI connectivity between their Mac and the sound engine without additional MIDI interfaces. Both Capybara and Paca(rana) users enjoy the benefits of KymaConnect's built-in MIDI patchbay and advanced router. Networking setups to accommodate Wi-Fi based OSC controllers have less components and cables. Whether on the stage or in the studio, KymaConnect makes a Kyma system simpler, less expensive, and more reliable.
Proxies Support Paca(rana) and Capybara owners
KymaConnect's "Paca Proxy" unleashes the Paca(rana)'s powerful OSC features from the limitations of typical stage and studio Wi-Fi setups. It "bridges" clients on one network to the Paca(rana) on another, with full bi-directional OSC support. Now the full benefits of tablet and smart phone apps like Delora vKi, vKiP, Symbolic Sound Kyma Control, and TouchOSC, can be obtained with a set up as simple as a MacBook computer connected directly to the Paca(rana).
Capybara owners also welcome the "CapyProxy", which integrates features found in the Delora CapyLink product. This gives Capybara users access to OSC apps like vKi and vKiP.
Both proxies extend Kyma's OSC "language" with the addition of shortcut commands. These can be used to remote control critical Kyma functions like starting and stopping a sound.
"Virtual MIDI Patchbay" Features KymaConnect provides an always available connection between up to four (4) MIDI devices and the Paca(rana) or Capybara. With KymaConnect, the Paca(rana) or Capybara can be controlled from an external MIDI keyboard or other controller without running a sequencer or other software. It also provides a handy "virtual MIDI port" that software music applications may use to send and receive MIDI from the Paca(rana).
More Connection Customization Options
KymaConnect has advanced MIDI channel mapping capabilities. The channel can be specified for MIDI device sending and receiving, and altered as needed in an easy-to-use routing table. Channel mapping can be used to "mute" (disable) certain channels, or relocate one channel to another.
Pricing and Availability:
KymaConnect is available for $29.95(USD) More information:


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