Sinevibes Drops Prices

Roland sounds and books available at a new reduced pricing      04/11/11
Sinevibes Drops Prices

Sinevibes has announced new, much reduced pricing for its collection of sound libraries and books for Roland synthesizers. They say that this lets users of Fantom, JUNO and V-Synth series get more out of their instruments and vastly expand their sonic palette with fresh and inspiring materials.
The newly priced sound library products include:
  • For Roland Fantom-G series, the new package that includes over 550 patches, drum kits and multisampled instruments, can be had for just $59.
  • For Fantom-S and Fantom-X series, over 800 patches, drum kits and multisampled instruments are available for $59.
  • For JUNO-G, JUNO-STAGE and SonicCell synthesizers, a collection of over 500 patches is available for only $29.
  • For V-Synth, V-Synth GT and V-Synth XT, a package with over 200 patches and 100 waveforms is now selling at $29.
In addition, the highly acclaimed Tweakbooks which open all the depths of synthesis, sample editing and effects processing are now priced at just $9.99. They are also included free of charge with any of the packages listed above.
All of these packages can be instantly downloaded from the Sinevibes store, and there is an option t receive them on a worldwide-shipped CD.
Complete details about each book and sound library package, including sound listing and audio examples, can be found at the Sinevibes website Pricing and Availability:
See main text.
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Mattsynth    Said...

I purchased some sounds for my Fantom G6 from Sinevibes and they were not that great. Nothing to write home about.

04-Nov-11 07:57 AM

Artemiy    Said...

Mattsynth, which sound libraries are you talking about in particular? I would disagree that Sinevibes sounds are not good, especially since they also did part of the Fantom-G factory presets. Maybe they just didn't meet your music taste, the styles you work with?

04-Nov-11 09:59 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

I purchased the entire grouping. I felt that they lacked fullness and sounded thin like most of the factory patches. That would explain why the factory patches are so weak. The Fantom G is capable of huge full textured sounds and these did not cut it if you ask me. Sorry, just my opinion.

04-Nov-11 10:22 AM

Artemiy    Said...

Well Sinevibes did sound design for many companies, including NI and Spectrasonics, and always received praise from their chiefs. So I will not agree with you on their Fantom-G sounds, they have fine details, originality and good balance. But opinion is an opinion, you have your own and that's fine :-)

04-Nov-11 11:21 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

I will try using them again.

06-Nov-11 08:56 AM

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