Sampling Percussion Instrument Now Available

Roland ships the SPD-SX Sampling Pad      24/11/11
Sampling Percussion Instrument Now Available

Roland has been in touch to tell us that their new SPD-SX Sampling Pad, a multi-pad percussion instrument with 2 GB of onboard sampling memory and three powerful effects engines, is now shipping. They say that the SPD-SX replaces the popular SPD-S, the industry-leading sampling pad, which has been the overwhelming choice of professional drummers, percussionists, and DJs. Roland believe that the SPD-SX leads the way with the latest pad-sensing technology, enhanced sampling performance, an assignable click output, and a host of other features. Here's all the details in Roland's own words...
The SPD-SX provides a simple, portable, and affordable way to add sampling to any performance setup. The generous 2 GB of built-in memory provides more than three hours of CD-quality sampling in stereo, which can be captured via the stereo mic/line input or imported through USB. The SPD-SX also features Multi-Pad Sampling, ideal for capturing complete songs, then assigning individual song sections to specific pads.
User samples and factory-preloaded wave data can be organized and stored in any of the 100 available kits and played from the nine integrated trigger pads, which include six large pads and three edge triggers. The pads feature Roland's latest pad-sensing technology for even, accurate triggering and the ultimate in dynamic sensitivity. Each pad has a dynamic LED that illuminates when a pad is struck, and also responds to audio-level activity. Two dual-trigger inputs allow users to expand the SPD-SX with optional external pads and acoustic drum triggers for even more triggering options. The SPD-SX has three multi-effects units onboard: one master unit and two units that are assignable per kit. In addition, two dedicated front-panel knobs provide real-time control of user-assignable effects.
The bundled SPD-SX Wave Manager software for Mac and PC lets users import, assign, and organize samples and assemble kits quickly and intuitively. USB also allows users to easily interface the SPD-SX with their computer to communicate directly with DAWs and other music software, so players can use the SPD-SX to trigger software instruments and record MIDI and audio data in the computer.
The versatile SPD-SX can be played on a tabletop or with the optional Roland PDS-10 stand. Other standout features include an intuitive interface and large display, dual stereo outputs, a phones jack, an assignable click with dedicated front-panel level knob, MIDI I/O, and more.
Pricing and Availability:
The SPD-SX is available now with an MSRP of $999.00 More information:


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ExRolandFan    Said...

Why are all Roland products nowadays so much more expensive than their rivals? 999 dollars is a ridiculous price for such a simple instrument!

24-Nov-11 09:05 AM

Princes    Said...

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