NI Half-Price Sale

Native Instruments launches 5-Day Half-Price Special Offer on Producer and DJ products      25/11/11
NI Half-Price Sale

Native Instruments has launched a special 50% discount on many of its producer and DJ software products. For a period of five days, nearly 60 full versions and upgrades will be available at a strongly reduced price, including the majority of all KOMPLETE instruments and effects, all update and upgrade versions of the TRAKTOR DJ software, as well as the iMASCHINE groove sketchpad.
NI tells us that the special gives musicians and producers access to a comprehensive arsenal of acclaimed software instruments and effects at highly favorable prices, ranging from studio standards such as KONTAKT, GUITAR RIG and REAKTOR to recent releases such as RAZOR, SESSION STRINGS PRO and SOLID MIX SERIES. The offer also comprises the upgrade and update versions of TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO, including the "Scratch Upgrade" for the KONTROL S4 DJ system.
Pricing and Availability:
The special pricing is available from November 24th to 28th exclusively in the NI Online Shop. During the same time, the iMASCHINE groove creation app is also available at a special price of $1.99 / 1,59 EUR in the Apple App store.
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LagrangeAudio    Said...

You should know that NI are having some issues with this. Slow servers, serials not being delivered, lots of angry punters (including me). I think this sale will be quite successful for them but they have p***ed off a few people in the process.

26-Nov-11 09:24 PM

rezazel    Said...

Not to mention lots of angry people who paid the full price...

27-Nov-11 05:32 AM

SYNTHman    Said...

NI makes great software but they always seam to make people angry with them. I use to own 7 NI software packages and now only use 1 (Battery). I was tired of paying and paying and paying for updates all the time. I think most of there software is way overpriced so this sale should bring them down to reality. Just keep in mind you will pay again (very few free update with NI).

28-Nov-11 08:38 AM

Joe    Said...

I'm a big fan of NI programs, and I think their stuff is very reasonably priced. 400 quid for just about everything they make.........300 if you happen to own one of their programs?!? I wish other companies would "overcharge" me like that.

And I had no problems buying/downloading/installing/activating Razor yesterday.

28-Nov-11 09:29 AM

cojust1    Said...

Hay Joe, NI will be glade to overcharge you all day long if you are willing to pay that kind of money for a program. These are only programs, not real hardware synths that can be worth something years down the road.

28-Nov-11 10:48 AM

protech    Said...

I agree with cojust1 that these are only programs. They use your computer (that you also had to pay for) to do there work. I just downloaded an app called Animoog from Moog for $5.99. Now that is a reasable cost for a software synths and the sound of this app is unbelievable. Program synths should be inexpensive because they are not like hardware synths that give you the keys to play them and the sound source to produce the sound. NI synths are just programs.

28-Nov-11 11:08 AM

huh?    Said...

Yeah i think all software should be like $0.99 as it won't be worth anything in another couple of years...

28-Nov-11 10:33 PM

Dolt    Said...

so how many copies would you need t sell to pay yourself a wage? or do you think people who develop software should do it for nothing? Just a little bit of maths will often give you an insight in how companies arrive at pricing. I dunno, experienced software programmer at $200 a day (cheap) thats 200 copies aday just to pay their wages - just have think before you get all uppity...

29-Nov-11 06:29 AM

SYNTHman    Said...

One thing the world is not short of is programmers. And what happens after they sell one million copies of that program do we get a refund? I agree software is way overpriced and the only way a programmer will not get paid for his work is if his program sucks.

29-Nov-11 09:14 AM

ricky    Said...

Used to love NI stuff but now same old stuff rehashed and customer service used to be good but now they don't seem to care at all and are not far off rude! As for half price sale - nothing there I haven't already paid for full price - I fancied studio drummer but suprise, suprise it wasn't included in the sale

30-Nov-11 02:36 PM

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