New Algorithmic Room And Reverb Effects Processor

MolecularBytes releases AtomicReverb VST plug-in      06/12/11

New Algorithmic Room And Reverb Effects Processor

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MolecularBytes has introduced AtomicReverb, a new room and reverb processor. They say that, with its unique combination of algorithms, it is possible to design acoustic room patterns in every conceivable way and for exactly the required purpose. Here's what they have to say about it in their own words...
By supporting non-static calculation in contrast to convolution effects, infinite density, simulated air movement and full 64 bit signal processing AtomicReverb sounds very natural.
In contrast to convolution or impulse-response related reverbs, AtomicReverb does not use static models. Every process renders reflections like in the reality - with all its disturbs and dynamics. AtomicReverb provides highly configurable processing for early reflections and reverberation (late-reverb). This allows creating sounds from subtle reverbs over full and dense halls to dominant rooms or even tubes. It also lets you choose from over 170 different predefined early-reflection signatures, which are additionally changeable in size, hardness and resonance. The reverberation (or ‚late-reverb') processing - the dense 'floor' of a reverberation - allows you to create infinite density, airflow movement simulation and even gated tail length (usefully for percussive sounds). With parameters like "absorption" and "reflection" effects are also possible which are not found in other reverbs.
Currently, the plug-in is available as a 32- and 64-bit version for Windows - a Mac version is planned, but a release date is not set yet.
Pricing and Availability:
AtomicReverb is available until the end of this year at an introductory price of 69 Euros. After that it will be 119 Euros.
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