Podcast: SONIC TALK 246 - Grumpy Old Synthesists

Ugliest synths, who's got the biggest rig, BBC 80's nostalgia, xmas gifts      08/12/11

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71:40 mins


Dave Spiers  - from instrument makers GForce Software
Gaz Williams - songrwiter producer
Rich Hilton - from Chic and Nile Rodgers’ private studio
Dave Robinson - Editor at Pro Sound News Europe
Mark Tinley - sound artist and creative thinker
Nick Batt - editor Sonicstate.com

We start with a look at ugly synths as curated by Waveformless, then its on to the biggest live keyboard rig, some BBC 80’s memorabilia with Micro Live, then a few christmas gift ideas.

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Kaleb    Said...

I can't believe the Yamaha TQ5 was on the ugliest synthes list! I've been enthralled by the aesthetics of that machine since i first spotted it(its so 90's futuristic looking).

08-Dec-11 12:50 PM

Dan A.    Said...

My first polyphonic synth was the Yamaha YS200 (I still have it.) It looks more like a PSS than one of Yamaha's front line synths of 1988. Not so much ugly, but certainly odd and definitively toyish looking. The TQ5 Kaleb mentions was the module version.

I don't think that the US had a real counterpart to the BBC electronic music program you featured. In the 80s, PBS had more locally produced programming than they do now. There were a few technology shows in certain areas, but not necessarily viewable nation-wide.

In 1985 VH1 ran a series on electronic music. Suzanne Ciani, David Lynch, Michael Sterns, and others would talk about their equipment and music making processes. The show only ran for a few months.

09-Dec-11 11:45 AM

xyzzy    Said...

Why owls? The owl was the emblem of the BBC Computer Literacy Project. :-)

The Tempest in the background looks very tempting! ;) I hope there's a review forthcoming.. and we want to hear your opinion of the thing, not just another feature overview (cough) ;)

12-Dec-11 11:56 AM

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