Sonic Touch - iPad Music Show Ep 4

Lemur for iPad, NanoStudio Native      14/12/11

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Gaz Williams -
Nick Batt - editor

Welcome to another episode of sonic TOUCH - the show dedicated to music creation on the touchscreen device. We are primarilly focussed for now on iOS devices - this may well change as other platforms become viable.

This week we look at the new Lemur for iPad app - from LIINE.NET. A direct port of the original Lemur hardware touchscreen dvice from Jazz Mutant.
We also take a look at the newly released version of NANOStudio from Blip Interactive - the original “wow” music creation device for iPhone. Its now native and had several other key updates.

We look forward to your comments.

Featured Apps:
Lemur    £34.99/$49.99  discounts for Lemur owners
NanoStudio  £10.49 /$19.99
LoopyHD £5.49/ $7.99



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5SN    Said...

Thanks guys - another great show. Would be great if you'd do a bit about getting audio in and out of the ipad. Great stuff!

14-Dec-11 05:36 PM

Neron Nesmith    Said...

Hi Nick & Gaz, Each episode of Sonic Touch has been quite informative. Your explorations into making music with tablet computers/apps has helped me with recent hardware and software purchases. I'm looking forward to more. Keep up the great work!

14-Dec-11 08:56 PM

tracy evans    Said...

4 in a row! Great work. Quickly becoming one of my fav shows

14-Dec-11 11:01 PM

MPS    Said...

Great stuff.

I would like to see a show that covers the various devices to interface midi and audio and their pros and cons.

15-Dec-11 09:57 AM

kieran    Said...

best show! love it

15-Dec-11 06:11 PM


Funky stuff! I don't have an i-pad and have asked for a Kindle for Christmas. But watching these shows and seeing what you can do with an iPad... makes you think. Thanks.

17-Dec-11 01:53 AM

Justin Jay    Said...

Great video guys. Please make more, we appreciate the work!

17-Dec-11 05:11 PM

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