A Christmas Gift From ProducerLoops.com

Order any product and you will get 1 GB of Arabian Symphonic loops      19/12/11

A Christmas Gift From ProducerLoops.com

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ProducerLoops.com has announced a Christmas gift for you. Simply order any product and you will get this gift which includes 1 GB of royalty-free loops taken from 'Symphonic Series Vol 2: Arabian Adventures 1' in ACID, WAV, Apple Loops, MIDI and OMF formats. ProducerLoops.com say that you may use these samples for any musical purpose as long as you keep to the terms of the enclosed license agreement in mind. Here's the details in ProducerLoops.com's own words:
This Kit we are giving away for free is based on a composition named "Arabian Groove" which can be found in the full version of Symphonic Series Vol 2: Arabian Adventures 1. It's got a rich Western orchestral sound playing typical Arabic melodic lines. No chords are included as authentic Arabic music is based on melody and rhythm rather than on harmony.
Two other Kits in this episode of our Symphonic Series project do have chords, though "Arabian Groove" is based on a solid and grooving bass line played by the double basses, the cellos and the bassoons at 99 BPM, which is great for mixing with more urban styles. The percussion loops add an authentic Eastern flavour and will mingle perfectly with your personal choice of drum samples.
Building great grooves will be easy. Please note that you have complete musical freedom and our suggestion that these loops are great for Urban music shouldn't withhold you from choosing your own direction. It's great for lots of styles except for Tangos and Viennese Waltzes!
The included MIDI files are extremely useful when you want to have full control over your masterpiece. Just import the fragments you want to use for additional sounds into your DAW's song project, it's all dead easy.
The key in which the music is played is E Double Harmonic: E, F, G, A, B, C, D-sharp. If you want to add your own melodic lines you only need to use these notes to avoid tonal clashes. A lot of the instruments one can find in a symphony orchestra are included in this Kit, alongside some authentic Arabian instruments and percussion. All loops and phrases feature "solo" performances for maximum authenticity.

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