Sonic Touch - iPad Music Show Ep 5

NOTION, MobileIN, TNR-i, Ad Hoc Network Setup      21/12/11

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Gaz Williams -
Nick Batt - editor

Welcome to another episode of sonic TOUCH - the show dedicated to music creation on the touchscreen device. We are primarilly focussed for now on iOS devices - this may well change as other platforms become viable.

I our pre-Christmas episode we take a look at the new NOTION notation software, Line6 MobileIN, plus a breif look at the other input options. Yamaha’s TNR-i and finally we set up an Ad-Hoc network for lower latency.

We look forward to your comments.

Featured Hardware:
Line 6 MobileIn £55/ $79 street
Apogee Jam £75 /$129 street
iRiffPort  £?/$99 street
Peavey Ampkit Link £29.99/$29.99 street
Sonoma Wireworks Guitar Jack2   £149/$149 street

Featured Apps:
NOTION - $14.99
TNR-i £13.99 / $19.99
SoundPrismPro £10.99 /$15.99


Even more news...

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Goeran    Said...

Unfortunately, neither the Yamaha TNR-in or the great Motif XF apps available for us in Norway: (

21-Dec-11 08:29 AM

Tandori-On    Said...

The TNR-i update is so new (maybe only 24 hours old) and you guys covered it! Great job!

21-Dec-11 08:30 AM

ANtipodean    Said...

Nope not available In NZ either. Boo!

21-Dec-11 07:17 PM

5SN    Said...

Thanks for another great show! You hinted at a longer look at audio in devices in the future and I think that would be great. The ad hoc network demo was brilliant.

22-Dec-11 03:07 PM

NOPE    Said...

That used to be a good place, with great reviews... Now, it's look like some dumb "TV shopping show"...

24-Dec-11 04:35 AM

moss    Said...

Great show, Nick! But don't make it too hectic, relax :-) It doesn't matter if the show gets longer.

24-Dec-11 05:16 AM

gareth    Said...

really enjoying the new show, it's now my second favourite show (sonic talk being the first of course).

01-Jan-12 05:54 PM

Johnston    Said...

Thank you yet again for another excellent episode. Gentlemen, you educate, inform and entertain. I read online somewhere that Animoog can be controlled by apps such as Beatmaker 2 and Genome. Is there any chance you could produce a show detailing how one would achieve this? Many thanks.

05-Jan-12 06:50 PM

eyes    Said...

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20-Jul-12 05:34 AM

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