Podcast: SONIC TALK 250 - The Naked Burglar

Reminiscences,predictions and some top tips      05/01/12

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71:24 mins


Rich Hilton - from Nile Rodger’s private studio
Dave Spiers - GForce Software
PJ Tracy - EMMY winning composer
Gaz Williams - producer, engineer and musician
Nick Batt - editor Sonicstate.com

A gentle chat about Christmas past, with some cracking stories from Gaz, Rich’s Lion woes, the high points of last year’s gear and software, a chat about ribbon mics, plus our predictions and desires for next year.

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xyzzy    Said...

Happy New Year, guys! Rich's British accent was hilarious. ;)

PJ wants a patch bay monkey? I can't believe you missed the opportunity to plug a Sonic Lab review of a product along those lines:

SSL X-Patch - http://www.sonicstate.com/news/2010/09/27/sonic-lab-ssl-x-patch-programmable-patchbay/


05-Jan-12 06:07 PM

Dave Chick    Said...

Hey Nick and all,

I love your show and am an avid / regular listener. Unfortunately, the live feed on Wednesdays are in the middle of the morning routine for me on the west-coast of Canada.

I don't know if I'm potentially setting myself up for a flood of entries, but I thought I'd ask if you could plug the contest I'm running at my site / podcast.

I run a podcast called "Inside Home Recording" (longest running audio-related podcast). IHR is close to the auspicious milestone of its 100th episode and I am thrilled to announce the “Write a New IHR Theme Contest!”

Contest is open for submissions on January 6th and closes on February 9th. Details about the contest and prizes can be found at:


Any questions or comments can be sent to my LinkedIn Profile or to no.whining@insidehomerecording.com

Cheers! Dave

05-Jan-12 09:29 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Congrats on reaching 250 Nick! Long may the Sonic State podcast continue!

08-Jan-12 03:44 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks Dave! Will mention it Pre NAMM show on Weds - and of course, rocking theme entry from you to our competition

08-Jan-12 04:28 PM

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