CopperLAN Modular Synth Control From Alyseum

20 outputs for modular integration via Ethernet      06/01/12

Those of you who watched our Expert Sleepers ES-3 review will know how much I enjoyed the integration of the the analog synthesis from within my DAW - the level of control was simply astonishing.

Now there’s a new way to send Control Voltage , Gate and Trigger (as well as many other signals) to your modular rig.
The new Alyseum MS-812 offers 8 CV plus 12 Digital outputs via CopperLAN, giving you a total of 20 possible control outs.

Analog outputs can be used for Control Voltages - for note or modulation and Digital outputs for binary type signals, such as trigger, gate or clock signals.
According to the what we've read and seen, you simply plug in the Ethernet cable,  configure the CopperLAN device and MIDI via a control panel, then send the required MIDI to the MS-812 for analog control.

We’re going to try and get hold of a review unit and see how the CopperLAN integrates.

Andreas at legendary synth retailer Schneiders Laden in Berlin demonstrates it in the video above.
Alyseum MS-812  is available now in EuroRack and Frac formats at around €330 (euros).
Alyseum also make a range of CopperLAN MIDI interfaces.

What is CopperLAN?
CopperLAN is an ethernet based protocol which connects multiple audio and MIDI devices together via a standard network router. Each CopperLAN enabled device configures itself on the network, announcing its presence once connected and making itself available for use. In principal its an elegant system, but as yet has not been widely adopted. However, if you have any CopperLAN enabled devices, the software to control it is but a free download away.

The Alyseum MS- 812 is one of the first available pieces of hardware which incorporates CopperLAN. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.


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