A Mic That Mimics Human Hearing

Blue Microphones Tiki USB Mic features Noise Cancellation, Voice Isolation and Intelligent Mute      12/01/12
A Mic That Mimics Human Hearing

Blue Microphones has announced Tiki, which they claim is the world's first USB microphone that mimics the intelligence of human hearing by focusing on desired sounds, minimizing background noise and knowing when to mute altogether. Blue tells us that, combining proprietary noise-cancelling technology, Voice Isolation and Intelligent Mute, Tiki dramatically improves the intelligibility of communication in any environment. Tiki offers two modes that allow users to switch between Intelligent Speech Mode for communication and Natural Recording Mode for CD-quality recording of vocals, instruments or podcasts. Similar in size to a standard USB flash drive, Tiki's portable, cable-free design allows it to plug directly into your laptop's USB port.
Brian Biggott, CTO of Blue Microphones, told Sonic State, "We are excited to introduce Tiki as the smartest, most compact USB mic on the market. Designed to mimic human hearing, Tiki brings the conversation into focus and attenuates distracting background noise, like the human ear does naturally in conversations. Being a microphone from Blue, Tiki is also designed to deliver professional-quality audio for impromptu vocal tracks or instrument recording. Whether you're on a conference call or recording guitar, you can now achieve crystal clear audio wherever you go."
Here's more details directly from Blue...
For conference calls and chats, Tiki's Intelligent Speech Mode uses Voice Isolation to bring your voice to the forefront while noise-canceling technology simultaneously minimizes unwanted, competing background noise such as computer fans, keyboard typing and ambient sounds. Tiki uses front-and-back facing microphones to capture the highest quality audio based on your orientation to the mic. Tiki's Intelligent Speech Mode also includes Intelligent Mute which automatically soft-mutes the mic when you are not speaking. By muting your mic, Intelligent Mute eliminates any contribution of background and computer noises during conversation, allowing you to perform other tasks, such as typing, in perceived silence. When you resume speaking, Tiki instantly detects your voice and automatically un-mutes to bring you back into the conversation.
Not limited to speech and VOIP, Tiki's Natural Recording Mode captures a wide range of sources from vocals to acoustic guitar to location recordings. Using custom condenser capsules and professional-quality preamp circuitry, Tiki records high-fidelity audio with exceptional clarity. Natural Recording Mode delivers a full and rich sound directly from the microphone. Tiki's two modes give any musician, podcaster or Skype user the versatility to quickly choose the best option for the situation.
Tiki's cable-free design allows for direct connection to a USB port, while an included docking cable provides extended connection where necessary. For portable protection, Tiki's packaging doubles as a durable compact carrying case. With all processing performed on-board, Tiki requires no drivers and is plug-and-play with both PC and Mac.
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So what.. you hold your laptop up to your face and sing?

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